Thursday, 28 January 2010

the capital

i'll be off to stockholm for the weekend. it is my combined birthday- and christmas present for a., and we have been looking forward to it for quite a while. we don't have any big plans, apart from seeing "tomorrow, in a year" at dansens hus on saturday night.

it seems ages ago since i last was in sweden's capital, so i'm mostly looking forward to exploring the city, especially södermalm, eating nice swedish food such as kladdkaka and semlor and enjoying the atmosphere. i have always loved stockholm and could really imagine living there one day.

we think about going out for a really nice meal on saturday evening before the opera, so if any of you know any nice and affordable place with good food somewhere more or less close to dansens hus (i think it's very central, so something between östermalm and vasastan would be around the place i guess), please let me know.

Monday, 18 January 2010

job search

so, being arrived in oslo (with most of my stuff still waiting at the customs - i never thought moving would be so difficult, couldn't norway just join the eu and that's it?) i have started to look for a job and recently (well, i handed it in personally today) applied for one at the german embassy here in oslo.

however, since everything happens so sudden (*hand in thesis - merry christmas - happy new year - pack - move - here i am*) i had neither a professional picture to add, nor any recent references from previous jobs. the former i fixed somewhat halfprofessionally (advice: do not copy this procedure since i cannot guarantee success) with the help of a holiday picture and photoshop, while the latter i fix today by writing my own references and mailing it to my previous bosses. let's hope they are nice and sign those without further ado. and let's hope they don't think me unprofessional at the embassy.

Monday, 4 January 2010

moving to oslo, selling things

yes, it's finally happening and faster than i expected. i'm moving to oslo, in with my boyfriend. after 3 1/2 years of travelling back and forth it really is time. my parents arrived today and i'm sorting things and throwing things away and packing. it's like hell broke loose.

this means that this little blog-break will last a little longer, until everything is packed into boxes and moved to oslo.

however, until the end of this week (saturday 9th) you get the chance to buy a few of my treasures which i sadly enough have to leave behind - i can't take everything with me and need some money, oslo is expensive! i don't have the time to put things up on ebay so i'll try and just use the blog for once. paying via paypal since this is easiest and fastest. send me an email at froeken_lila [at] if you are interested in anything. and of course the prices named are only suggestions. i ship to europe, but don't know exact fares so please ask if interested. i also apologize for the mostly unphotoshopped and therefore large pictures - so much to do, so little time...

green and red 70s carpet bag, 10€ (shipping Germany: 4,50€)

70s suede and fur bag (they sold a similar one a zara, i think), 8€ (shipping Germany: 4,50€)

70s leather clutch, 4€ (shipping Germany: 4,50€)

friies & company black art-deco style bag, 10€ (shipping Germany: 4,50€)

vintage red 80s laura ashley sundress with a flower print, size 34/small 36, 15€ (shipping Germany: 2,50€)

light blue 50s retro pin-up/rockabilly blouse, divided by h&m some years back, size 38 (taken in a bit so it might fit a 36 as well), 5€ (shipping Germany: 2,50€)

vintage orange-red longsleeved wool-dress (really warm, perfect for winter now!), mod-style from the 60s, fits size 36. sadly enough i found a few holes, but they might be fixed easily. the belt also has suffered a little, even if you don't see it on the picture. 15€ (shipping Germany: 4,50€)

vintage 70s black and silver sleeveless sweater, size 36 (shipping Germany: 2,50)

moreover, i also sell this white mini-skirt from h&m young (i did't have time to take a picture myself, hence the link to i say shotgun who wears it beautifully and features some other bloggers wearing it), fits a small 36 i'd say. it has a brown spot on one of the lower layers which is invisible when you wear it and it should go out with the next wash. i never wore the skirt. 5€ (shipping Germany: 2,50€)