Sunday, 15 March 2009

perfect sunday

today was such a perfect day. we stayed long in bed, then had a nice breakfast before - after a short fotosession for the blog =) - we headed out to the munch museum here in oslo. it has free admission at the moment and i have always wanted to see it. the sun was shining nicely and the exhibition was so interesting. i had seen both "scream" and the "madonna" a few years back at the national gallery, before they were stolen, so it didn't matter much that they weren't on display today. munch's work shows an interesting consistency in themes and also in form and colour, though he used a lot of different techniques such as drawing, woodcarving, etching and oil. murder, death, melancholy, the rotten souls of the scandinavian boheme, it was all there.

if you ever go to oslo, i can highly recommend this museum. this is one of my favourite artists, and his body of work is amazing. go see it if you can!

we had coffee and cake at the museums café after walking through the exhibition and had a walk in the sun through the fascinating grönland-area afterwards.

right now, my favourite person in the world (who also took the picture above) is making pancakes and later we'll go and see "slumdog millionaire" at the cinema...

Friday, 13 March 2009

skirt challenge, part 5

it's not like i don't have any other skirts (actually, i bought a couple two weeks ago..) but i really like this one so much i just expanded the challenge to create outfits around a single skirt once more. but this is the last time for this week, i promise!!!

leather skirt and belt: thrifted
blouse and birdcage-necklace: h&m
tights: orsay
ancle boots: kmb

i'm not really happy with the ancle boots for this particular outfit, but as i am still basically living out of my travelbag the alternatives were rather limited.. a nice pair of brown leather brogues would have been perfect. in my opinion. well. next week wednesday i'll be back in my apartment in germany with all my shoes and clothes. i'm not sure if i really like the idea, though...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

skirt challenge continued

yesterday i decided i liked that leather skirt so much i'd like to expand the challenge a little more:

leather skirt: thrifted
tights and blouse: h&m
cardigan: gina tricot
belt: thrifted
shoes: din sko

anna ternheim

on saturday, a. and i went to another show to see swedish singer/songwriter anna ternheim whom we both like a lot. she has a very own and personal style, and her music is just adorable. she recently released her third album, and while a. doesn't like it as much as her first one, i think i might like it at least as much, though in a different way. it is not as singer/songwriter anymore but still very much her.

the show was brilliant, it was the first time i saw someone play a saw (no pun intended) and i was enchanted by it. it sounds like nothing else i know... they played a nice mixture of old and new songs, and i was so happy to hear "my secret" which is really my favourite song by her...

Friday, 6 March 2009

lula lula

of course i had to search the town for the new lula magazine when i heard it was out now. and, i got my hands on one, and got it with 25% off as well!
so, yesterday when a was working on some project at the computer i went to bed a little earlier and read through the magazine...

the pictures are enchanting.. it's such a shame it only comes out twice a year. or, well, considering the price, maybe not...

the pictures above are taken by me, though, of course, the rights to the pictures inside the magazine that are shown belong to lula magazine and not me. the pictures serve as illustration to my blogpost and what i wrote.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

the skirt challenge, day 3

so, even though i took a slow day today i did not forget about the skirt challenge i'm taking part in. as it was extremely grey and darkish outside i thought i'd need a little sunshine in my outfit. but, i'm still not totally up for spring yet. we've had a day or too smelling like spring, but i also like the winter, at least when there is enough sunshine to keep me happy....

tights: h&m
leather skirt: thrifted
leather belt: thrifted
flower t-shirt (invisible): vero moda
pullover: thrifted, probably handmade


yesterday me and my very favourite person a went to see laleh play at parkteatret here in oslo. i don't really know what happened to me but when we got there both of us had a beer and after that my evening was pretty much hell. my stomach didn't like me at all and i felt like i had eaten far too much, i started cold sweating and felt a little dizzy. this started during the warm-up act, who wasn't very impressive so i already forgot his name, and as soon as he finished we went out to get some air and sit for a while. i felt better after a quarter of an hour and decided i could go inside again, and just a few minutes after finding a nice space close to the backdoor but with a nice view the main show started.

the show itself was amazing, i love laleh's playfulness, and she shortened and changed most of her songs in different ways, so the show was all about seeing new facets of her art, and she played most of my absolute favourite songs. also, the show made me appreciate some of her songs more than i had until now, so i'm happy we stayed.
still, i felt rather faint most of the time. the air was horrible, as it was warm and there was almost no oxigen. i'm glad a. stood right behind me and held me, and towards the end we went outside the back doors to sit down for a while, which was the best i could do. i probably should have gone home, but then i wouldn't have seen (and heard) the show and i'm happy i stayed. i feel better today, though still not perfect, so i'm staying insides watching jane eyre...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

skirt challenge, day 2

so, this is the second day of the skirt challenge. brown leather, teal lace and my black boots. very happy with the result. tonight we'll go and see laleh play. oh, it will be great. especially after defrosting the frigde and freezer.. my hands are still cold from all that water!

leather skirt: thrifted
tights: orsay
black shirt: bik bok
lace shirt: h&m trend
belt: accessorize
boots: topshop

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

skirt challenge

i found this nice blog today, work that wardrobe, which is featuring different challenges every now and then. the running challenge is "one skirt three ways" and i thought it might be fun to take part. so, during this week i'll combine one skirt in three different ways. i chose my new thrifted leather skirt as object in question, and here is my first outfit, a little burton inspired for today:

leather skirt: thrifted
t-shirt: monki
cardigan and leather bracelet: gina tricot
tights: c&a, i believe. i've had them for at least 8 years i think...
ancle-boots: kmb
alice-necklace: etsy
purse (my camera-bag, actually): six

both shoes and t-shirt are part of my shopping-for-treasures-hunt in karlstad last weekend:

i just love the print! monki has always such great and inspiring t-shirts... this is the third in my collection!

i have wanted a pair of grey shoes for a while. and also a pair of ancle-boots. those were on sale and i fell in love with them as soon as i saw them..


a and i had a great weekend in karlstad, sweden. we visited his family and had two wonderful days. saturday was lovely, with loads of sunshine as well so we took a lovely walk at the river:

i stayed a day longer, as i had some business to attend to (this sounds like i'm so important!...) and used the extra time for some shopping. sweden has this fantastic thing called "bokrea", which means that books are on sale and a lot cheaper than during the year, so i bought some novels and also some books for work and uni. sweden has also proved to be best for thrift-shopping: i spent at least an hour at "myrorna" (the salvation army's store) in karlstad and found some wonderful stuff, which will appear on this blog sooner or later.