Sunday, 24 October 2010


autumn has come, and after some really cold days they finally turned on the heat in the house. so i'm not freezing so much anymore. however, i still don't want to wear my winter gear, so i stick with cardigans and autumn-jackets for the time being, at least until november. however, i think i might need a new hat and mittens.

also, i have fallen in love - again - with all sorts of folkloristic clothing, like my bavarian cardigan, dirndl-dresses and norwegian sweaters. preferably vintage.

dress: indiska
scarf: selfmade
cardigan and bag: vintage
jacket: thrifted
boots: zara

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

mad about mad men

lovely dotti invited, together with maikitten, once again to a virtual party: aren't we all mad about mad men? it seems, we are. of course i showed up in my best vintage dress, and took my best drink with me.

my absolutely best drink right now is the kir royal:

1 champagne glass
2 cl creme de cassis
12,5 cl champagne (or any dry bubbly wine you have at hand)
pour champagne into glass, carefully add creme de cassis, enjoy.

what an evening, and such a great crowd! tomorrow there'll be a voting for best drink, best look-a-like and the-guest-i-like-best. exciting!