Wednesday, 30 June 2010

a ship, a book, a tomato

three fantastically amazing and outrageous pieces on etsy i would buy immediately if i had the money:

tomata tomato! this looks just so delicious... cherry tomato necklace by EleanorJaneJewelry

your own personal library, always available.... miniature book necklace by The Black Spot Books

a ship to sail the seven seas - ahoi!!! the so very decadent sea pearl ship hat by Chatham Girl

all pictures from the different etsy-stores

Monday, 21 June 2010


dotti invited and everyone came: the first virtual coffee party! of course i went, and one could say that i brought the cream for the whole party, considering the amount of creamy lace i wore...

also, to celebrate the event i bought a new colourful flowerful tablecloth (which had become quite necessary since we didn't own any tablecloth before..) - isn't it pretty?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


a beautiful hitchcockian short.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

falling stars

last week, one of our customers at the opera complimented me on one of my rings which i wear most often, it is one of my every-day-rings. she said something wonderful, and now everytime i look at the ring i smile and think of what she said: it looked like falling stars, "stjerneskudd".

people say that when you see a falling star you should make a wish, so i guess that makes a lot of wishes for me...

i bought this ring at sancta sanctorum on etsy a few months back, and it became an immediate favourite. usually i wear it like on the second picture, next to the yellow spiral ring which i got four years ago from my favourite person in the world during his first visit in germany..

Monday, 14 June 2010

sailor in detail

i thought i'd test my sailor-attire today in anticipation of the cruise to copenhagen that we have booked for the upcoming weekend. while the boat-part is more for my favourite person in the world, the copenhagen-part ot the trip is more for me. something for everybody so we are both happy =)

sailor-appropriate neckscarf: vintage

enamel albatross-necklace: gypsy rabbit on etsy

crab-claw necklace: redsofa on etsy (birthday present from my favourite person in the world)

bright red shoes to match stripey shirt: vagabond (via ebay)
red striped shirt: gina tricot

by the way: do you have any tips on what to do during a 7h stay on a hopefully sunny sunday in copenhagen?

Saturday, 12 June 2010

park sunday

last sunday, we spent the afternoon in the park. it was sunny, we fed the birds, had a picknick, read in our books and i even got a little colour...

t-shirt: h&m
skirt and belt: monki
scarf: vintage

Saturday, 5 June 2010

the coronation of poppea

blood. love. sex. power. violence. death.

i consider an opera, just as a film or theatre-play, to be really great art when it succeeds in engaging me, my thoughts, my feelings. two out of four operas here in oslo belong to this category, the first one being wagners tannhäuser (review is still to come, it's lurking halfdone somewhere on my laptop..) and the second one being the coronation of poppea by monteverdi, which i went to see about three weeks ago, and again last friday.

the story is as simple as it is complex. at the core, there is nero, married to a woman he's not interested in anymore and in love (or rather, infatuated) with poppea who in turn is not interested anymore in her husband ottone and fantasizes about marrying nero. obviously, nero wants to get rid of his wife who wants to get rid of poppea, and therefore commands poppeas brokenhearted lover to kill her. things don't go as planned and in the end everybody is dead except nero and poppea who live happily ever after in a sea of blod. or at least until they lose interest in each other, but that's another story.

the nero we meet is a yucky guy, slick and disgusting and still, in all his power, also very intriguing. he is not really interested in politics. not in women per se either. above all, he is interested in his own pleasure. if that includes killing the one or other opponent, that's fine with him. if marriage is the way to keep the woman who gives him most pleasure, well than that's the way to go. love, sex, power, they all get easily mixed up - and what does nero care as long as nero get's what he wants?

this is definitely not an opera for the faint of heart. it is tragic and beautiful, it breaks your heart and makes you feel sick, it makes you laugh out loud, just to let the laughter get stuck in your throat a minute later.

there was fabulous music, following the sentiments of the characters, adding contrast and humour, as well as widening the spectrum of what baroque music can be and can do by adding some jazz influences. the meldodies were not only well built and played, but the direction of the whole opera interacted extremely well with text and music. a truly amazing experience, tragic, comic, brutal and above all, just as contemporary as it was almost 400 years ago.

pictures from dno&b

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

woven hand

we went to see woven hand play at john dee here in oslo last week. it was amazing. like a desert storm blowing our minds. like a thunderstorm cleansing out everything bothersome.

i remember seeing 16 horsepower back in 2000 play at the bardentreffen in nürnberg. what i remember best is david eugene edwards sitting on his stool in the middle of the stage with his white trainers. the rain was pouring down and the music was mesmerizing. it still is.