Thursday, 22 March 2012

wuthering heights

last week i went to stockholm to do an interview for filmamasoner (to come up next week), and to see a concert with kaizers orchestra in the evening. in between i had a couple of hours left over, so i went to the movies to see wuthering heights. what an experience! it really exhausted me. i love movies that influence me so, they are the most fascinating films to see. read my review on moving landscapes.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

moving landscapes

as i have said earlier, i have started a new blog a couple of weeks ago, and now i feel finally ready to give you a link. moving landscapes is my blog where i will focus on film, litterature, theatre, opera and everything else withing the broad field of culture that finds my interest. since i intend moving landscapes to serve as a kind of portfolio in future jobapplications, i write foremost in swedish, but please feel free to use google translator if you don't understand the language!

i have also started to write for a brandnew, until now still unofficial, norwegian webmagazine called filmamasoner. it is an online filmmagazine with a focus on women, both as filmmakers and as an audience. my articles will be found both there and on moving landscapes.

of course i will continue to blog here as usual, with pictures form the apartment, the occasional outfit and stuff i bought and stuff i like.

Monday, 5 March 2012

more kitchen

finishing an apartment takes time. with the help of my brother who visited last week, i put up a couple of posters:

the keep calm poster was a present and can be found in many shapes and sizes on etsy. the poster on the top is actually a vintage kitchen towel, and the one underneath with a print of scandinavian design classics is also from etsy.

this clock finally saw the light of day again after having been confined to a moving box for about two years.

and last but not least: a selfmade calendar with postcards from ikea, next to our wine-rack on the kitchen wall.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

beautiful books

part two in my birthday wish blog series. i love reading, but mostly i go for the cheapest available possibility. paperback, second hand, library. however, i really like books with beautiful covers, so why not make a wish for some more precious editions?

penguin launched a wonderful edition of clothbound classics. coralie bickford-smith designed the most beautiful covers i have ever seen, and i wouldn't mind having all the jane austen novels, or the dickens novels, or the whole series, standing in my bookshelves.

yes, this poster is a whole book to put on your wall and read it there. it also is a piece of art to admire every day, and i think it would fit perfectly over our sofa in the living room.