Thursday, 1 March 2012

beautiful books

part two in my birthday wish blog series. i love reading, but mostly i go for the cheapest available possibility. paperback, second hand, library. however, i really like books with beautiful covers, so why not make a wish for some more precious editions?

penguin launched a wonderful edition of clothbound classics. coralie bickford-smith designed the most beautiful covers i have ever seen, and i wouldn't mind having all the jane austen novels, or the dickens novels, or the whole series, standing in my bookshelves.

yes, this poster is a whole book to put on your wall and read it there. it also is a piece of art to admire every day, and i think it would fit perfectly over our sofa in the living room.


Hey Monkey Butt said...

Those are very pretty book covers. I love books as well, reading books and smelling books. I just love books :)

Cara said...

Ohhhhh, jetzt hab ich mich gerade verliebt =)Danke für den Tipp!

liebe Grüße,

Pella said...

Wonderful! Do you know if one can by them in Sweden as well or is it abroad only?!!

fröken lila said...

Pella: you can buy them at the swedish bookstore in uppsala (that's where i originally found them) and also on adlibris, and maybe other swedish online bookstores.

Nanó said...

Jag har också sett dom där böckerna i en bokhandel, så fina!