Thursday, 15 March 2012

moving landscapes

as i have said earlier, i have started a new blog a couple of weeks ago, and now i feel finally ready to give you a link. moving landscapes is my blog where i will focus on film, litterature, theatre, opera and everything else withing the broad field of culture that finds my interest. since i intend moving landscapes to serve as a kind of portfolio in future jobapplications, i write foremost in swedish, but please feel free to use google translator if you don't understand the language!

i have also started to write for a brandnew, until now still unofficial, norwegian webmagazine called filmamasoner. it is an online filmmagazine with a focus on women, both as filmmakers and as an audience. my articles will be found both there and on moving landscapes.

of course i will continue to blog here as usual, with pictures form the apartment, the occasional outfit and stuff i bought and stuff i like.