Thursday, 15 April 2010

three dresses

lately three pretty vintage dresses found their way into my wardrobe:

a longarmed turtleneck dress with orange strawberries and teal/mint-coloured leaves - thank you maria for selling it to me!

a 70s cotton maxidress which fits like a glove (at least when i wear heels), with a pretty flower and dots print and small puffy arms. found at uff-underground secondhand. this dress will be so nice for a summer-evening at the opera.. (last saturday i spotted an old lady at the opera, wearing a knee-length woollen dress with a bright yellow-orange flower pattern from the late 60s. i guess she has worn this dress many times since she bought it way back when! and she was such a refreshing sight!)

a light-blue 50s cotton-print dress which came with a belt in the same fabric. the print features tiny hearts, flowers and little men and women. it is just amazing! one or two seams need to be fixed as well as a small hole, and i need to shorten it (as well as the other two dresses). i found it at the birkelunden fleamarket last weekend.

Friday, 9 April 2010

we won't run

yesterday, my friend maria amelie asked me to join her and some friends for a free concert at internasjonalen. i didn't know anything about who was going to play, but she has good taste in music and it was a while since i was out for beer and music (and i am missing it a bit), so i said yes and went and was very pleasantly surprised. sarah blasko (from australia) offered some highly imaginative texts and a beautifully simple show. i loved how her movements looked like she was running in slow motion, and how she seemed totally absorbed in her music.


i've been using my old purse basically ever since i started this blog, and during the last half year or so it fell more and more apart. time for a new one:

with lots of small compartments and pockets

and pretty detailing at the zippers:

i don't know the brand, but i found it in a small store in grünerløkka. the first one i bought had a broken zipper after just two days of usage, so i went back and returned it. however, the model is both practical, feels good in the hand and it suits my style, so i exchanged it for the exact same model and have been happy with it for a month now. i love it!

Friday, 2 April 2010

birthday wishlist

getting older is a weird thing. during the last half year or so i have successfully made myself a year older already whenever anybody asked my age - however during these last few weeks i have rather felt a year younger than i am right now, meaning two years younger than i'll be in two weeks time. getting older is a very strange concept indeed.

nevertheless, i thought i'd be smart and post my birthday wishlist a bit sooner than last year.

kusmi-tea. i love black tea and have been wanting to try some of their sorts for quite some time. how about some st.petersburg or prince wladimir, or some classic earl grey?

crab-claw necklace from red sofa

poppy pod necklace from elizabeth scott designs

large claw necklace from fashionology

black underbust corset from audra jean

a little helper in the kitchen: steak thermometer

lush bathbombs. apart from the massage-bars my absolute favourite lush-product.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


meet thelma, the newest addition to my shoe collection:

i found her quite lonely in the sales and thought i'd give her a new home. we get along really well, she is very comfy while adding a few centimeters to my rather short body-length. let's hope it will be a long lasting friendship!