Thursday, 9 July 2009

like april

the weather is really quite unpredictable at the moment, it looks like rain all the time and suddenly the sun comes out and you feel like you suddenly woke up in a heated sauna... it is humid and warm, but as soon as the sun disappears you're afraid to catch cold. i find it quite hard to dress, not because i don't have anything to wear, but because it's too warm for tights and too cold for bare legs, and as soon as i ride my bike (well, i won't tomorrow because i broke the front brakes today..) i start sweating like a pig no matter what i wear, just to feel cold as soon as i get off. so, this is what i wore on sunday:

skirt: gina tricot
top: h&m
belt and bag: thrifted
shoes: clarks
necklace: marc by marc jacobs

and this is what i wore yesterday (yes, i did wear jeans! - though only for the evening, during the day i wore shorts..):

jeans: vero moda
shirt and belt: thrifted
shoes: swedish hasbeens (via cos)

a bouquet

last week on thursday i held my last swedish classes. as i will finish my studies in autumn i probably won't be teaching next semester, which is kind of sad (but necessary to get done with my thesis). as my courses were rather smallish towards the end of the term i decided to have them over at my place for coffee. actually, the weather turned out far too hot for coffee, but we had some fruit, a nice article to read and a lot to laugh... one of my courses, the swedish 2 class, gave me a flower bouquet and card as a thank you! this made me so happy, and also a little sad because they were a great course to teach and they did learn a lot.. i would have liked to continue with them.

sadly, some of the flowers didn't stand the heat too well and the faded before i took a picture. so, i divided the bouquet up into three smaller bouquest and they lasted much longer!!