Sunday, 28 June 2009

mini mint

today's outfit. mint mini, teal and a dragonfly.

skirt, shirt and belt: h&m
dragonfly-brooch: thrifted
tights: c&a
shoes: bullboxer


the constellation: four men. pickpockets in hongkong. one young beautiful woman. her passport in an old man's safe. the result: pure cinematic beauty.

johnnie to's new movie "sparrow" is perfect. yesterday i went to see it in the original version with subtitles. i wouldn't even have needed the subtitles, there is so little dialogue in the movie, and all that is important is told visually, and through the jazzy chinese music.

four pickpockets in hong kong. their work is more a performance of art than an act of criminality. it's all about movement and elegance: two quick steps, a little tumble and turn and somebody's purse is a few notes lighter. they meet a woman. or rather, she meets them. they are to be her rescuers, though they don't know it yet, her way to her passport and thus to a new life. the story twists and turns every now and then, suddenly their life is a little more dangerous and also a little more exciting. a noir fairytale with a happy ending. though not at all what one would expect. hitchcock meets hongkong, film noir meets jim jarmusch. i'm still in awe.

if you have the chance, go see it.
(picture through google picture search)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

win win

would you like to win something? do you like give-aways? i'm sure you do! i do, at least. so...

i do have the honour to hereby announce a huge give-away on the occasion of mizis madness' 500th post! the big question of course is, why do i write about this here? and the answer is: because you have the chance of winning, amongst a huge bunch of other really lovely things, a really pretty necklace i made!

so, what do you have to do to win? it's really easy, just write a real creative (video! pictures! songs! interviews! whatever!) post on your blog (actually, i'm not sure if this is open to the general public or just german-speaking audiences, but i will try and find out about this a.s.a.p.) and tell the world (and mizi, of course) why exactly you should win this paket of presents. as soon as you have done this you beam yourself to mizis madness and leave a comment with a link to your post and a message that you'd love to win. also, don't forget to leave your email!!!

deadline is monday, 28th of june, 20:00 (german time). good luck!!!

(picture by mizis madness, necklace on picture by me)

Friday, 26 June 2009


i've been having a fit of teenage-nostalgia today. early teenage, that is. i was a huge fan of the kelly family way back when i was, well, 13, 14? i guess i was a fan for about two or three years, first very openly, then a bit more ashamed and then it didn't take long until they were replaced by, well both bands i considered cooler, and bands who were far less expensive and a lot easier to see on concerts (the former being die toten hosen and black sabbath, the latter being fiddler's green).

anyway, i have finally come over the phase of being ashamed for admitting to have been a fan, and today, with everybody being so nostalgic about michael jackson i spent a few hours on youtube watching kelly family videos. here you go, my back-then-favourites:

and no, i never was a paddy kelly fan. not angelo either.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

a nice day with a friend

i went to a local fleamarket and to ikea last saturday, with a good friend. we had been planning this for quite some time, and had a very nice day, even though we almost got soaked a few times by the sudden rain. the fleamarket was not as big as we had hoped, but we both found some stuff (and of course we couldn't leave ikea without buying anything, but no pictures of that today..).

i found this bags little sister in dark blue. have used it a few times already and am very happy about it..

i also found a german sewing magazine from october 1962. in very good condition, too.

and last but not least, two small saucers, handpainted from the 50s or early 60s. they are not really season-appropriate at the moment, but i do guess that winter will come faster than i hope...

Monday, 22 June 2009


this is from last friday. i was both sad and exhausted. quite a lot of emotional baggage right now. i need a lot of peace and quietness. thinking about turning off my phone for a day or two. not reading any mail. amongst a lot of other stuff one of my favourite teachers died last week. i missed the memorial service. because of this teacher i started to study film. he taught me that batman is just as much worth as jane austen and godard.

blazer: ebay
skirt, t-shirt, tights: h&m
shoes: wedins

Thursday, 18 June 2009

saturday, sunday

this was saturday and sunday. saturday visiting my friend and collegue in hamburg, sunday taking a stroll through town with another friend. new shoes, also.

dress, tights and belt: h&m
shoes: bronx

jeans: vero moda
belt: thrifted
blouse: gina tricot
cardigan: h&m
shoes: bronx

i also tried a new hairdo, with braids and hairflowers.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

let them eat cake

i love baking. it has become one of my favourite hobbies, and makes both me and my neighbours and friends usually very happy.

last week i made a rhubarb version of one of my current favourites: the lemon merengue pie. it was delicious!

also, i found i could not withstand the smell of the elderflowers out there, so i made some light liqueur with elderflowers and lemon. it is really easy to make, just pick some elderflowers (around 12-15) and put them inside a bowl. wash two untreated lemons carefully cut them into slices and put into the bowl as well. at last, pour about 0,7 l of water into the bowl and let stand for about 24hours. filter, blend with around 200g of sugar and 0,7 l of vodka. done!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

a monday in oslo

tomorrow two weeks ago in oslo. a holiday monday. summer. warm. afternoon in the park. thanks to my favourite person in the world for taking pictures on the way home.

skirt: h&m
shirt: cubus
bag and belt: thrifted
shoes: strauss

Thursday, 11 June 2009

summer shoes

this summer i love shoes in all shades of brown. like those:


din sko, deichmann, h&m


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

cinema cinema

today i've been to hamburg, at the library. got myself a usercard, found a lot of books for my thesis, which is good. and tonight i'll go to the movies and see this film which i have wanted to see ever since i read about it: the fall.

longing for sweden

i'm a little homesick for sweden today. it seems ages since i was in stockholm.

and who wouldn't be in love with this music?

Monday, 8 June 2009

bargains bargains

yes, i went a little crazy at the fleamarket last saturday. bought a few dresses, some porcelain, some hats, two picture frames and a little lady:

this little sewinglady is sadly enough missing a foot, and also, she doesn't quite fit me as she is one size too large. so i would like to sell her to a home where she'd actually get used. she measures ca.94cm around the bust, 74cm around the waist and 98 around the hips. anybody interested?

hats hats hats! and a lovely glass-goblet which looks black but actually is a very dark violet. the red hat you have already seen here, and the strawhats i am planning to make headpieces from.

porcelain - i just couldn't resist those bowls for sallad with the blue apple-halves on (there are actually three of them in different sizes..), and then i got those small soup bowls with the red dots, also three of them, for just one euro, and the graphic 50s roses on the cup and saucer were soo pretty.. well. shame on me. i already have not enough space for my kitchenware, so i really shouldn't have. we'll need a big kitchen with lots of space in the future!

but then, here comes the best: the dresses.

80s 50s-style cotton summerdress. i said i'd never wear pink, but i'll prove myself wrong with pleasure.

bright orange 60s mod-dress for winter. it has really cool detailing at the pockets and the belt, and i like the little collar and blue stitching..

white 60s summer mod-dress. just a little on the big side and with a few stains, which i do hope will disappear in the washingmachine tonight. i guess i'll sell that one on ebay, if nobody here is interested?

this dress is the cream of my finds: a 50s, maybe early 60s dress in charcoal, probably lightweight wool. it is in perfect shape and fits like a charm.

and just look at the little bow under the lovely collar! and the belt in the same fabric as the dress, with a fabric-covered buckle! and i can tell you that i got it for under 10 euro. guess who felt proud!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

go vote

i just came back from voting - i do hope all you europeans went voting today as well!

this was the perfect occasion to sport my new red hat i thought, and matched it with my red ballet flats. and no, the colour does not necessarily reflect my electoral behaviour.

hat, bag and scarf: thrifted
trenchcoat: comme des garcons for h&m
tights: h&m
shoes: deichmann

and this is what i wore at home (and also underneath the trench, of course):

dress, cardigan, tights: h&m
necklace: etsy
shoes: topshop

pale horses

moby's new single. perfect melancholy for a rainy sunday afternoon.

the limits of control

yesterday was a good day. i went to the fleamarket (will show later what i found), did grocery shopping, began an elderflower-lemon liqueur, made my own pesto for the first time (had to kill basil because of lice) and went to the movies with a friend. both of us are great fans of jim jarmusch and his work, so we went to see his new film "the limits of control":

i loved it. i loved it so much that i got angry about all those people around us in the cinema who couldn't keep their mouths shut for two minutes, and who couldn't sit still for one. it was so disturbing. why can't people just silently enjoy a calm movie? why do they have to comment each and everything that happens aloud? and why do they have to laugh out loud when a situation is actually more amusing and making you smile for yourself than burst out with laughter? but i loved it so much i couldn't even get myself to ask all of them to shut up. which i otherwise always do.

it is a masterpiece. it bears remembrance of "dead man" (which is my alltime favourite movie), though in a very unconnected way, there are elements of "ghost dog", though even more scaled down. and i would say that in its own way it might be called jarmusch's hommage to alfred hitchcock. it is about cinema, and about the essence of great cinematic experiences, it is about our limits as viewers, and it is in a few very short moments deeply political in its commentary on the cultural industries and how they function. it is a statement for the importance of independence in all areas of cultural production, and it is a statement for the necessity of people working outside the established structures.

please. go see it. and please: enjoy in silence.

i still need that jim jarmusch dvd-box. it is essential for my dvd collection, which otherwise is not too large.

Friday, 5 June 2009

feeling good

i feel like i accomplished quite a lot today. not that i really did, but i feel good. that's probably because i finally pulled myself together and went to the library, did some research, borrowed some books and copied another. i also blogged a lot (does that count?) and i do plan to go see a movie later, but only in case i am "duktig" (which is swedish for being a good girl) and feed my citavi project (read: thesis) with loads of titles (read: information about books i want to use) during the next hour. yes yes yes, go lila!!!

anyways, this is what i wear today:

skirt: thrifted, altered by me
turtleneck: only
belt: gina tricot
tights: h&m
shoes: vagabond
necklace: inherited from my grandmother

the knife + opera = exciting

i just read that the knife and the danish performance company "hotel pro forma" are producing an electro opera together on occasion of darwins 150th birthday. it is called "tomorrow, in a year. a darwin opera" and will have its world premiere on sep. 2nd in copenhagen. i think this does sound exciting and special, interesting and promising.

if it is anything like the stuff the knife have been doing until now, i sure would like to see it.

another chance to win

grosgrain just offers another chance to win, and this time it is this amazing sailor style dress by shabby apple, who do vintage inspired dresses with a twist, and i would wear almost any of them for office and work.


picture from

on an island in the fjord

last sunday, my boyfriend and i took my parents to one of the oslo fjord islands, huvudöya. it is uninhabited and has lots and lots of pretty places to picnic and barbecue and of course, to swim. we found a place in the shade close to an old ammunition house (the island was used as a fort, i think) where we spent the whole sunday afternoon reading, eating, swimming and exploring the island. my boyfriend (thank you, a.!!) had fun taking some pictures for me and the blog, and i had fun posing... so here you are:

skirt, shirt and hat: h&m
shoes: converse

Thursday, 4 June 2009

oslo in the sun

back from oslo, again. this time my parents were there, too. actually, they are still there as it is their summer holidays. we went by ferry, which was a fantastic experience of arriving, the fjord is just amazing in the morning sun. i was very happy to spend some quality time with my parents, and also with my boyfriend, and we had a good time together. the weather was nice and sunny most of the time, and i even catched a little sunburn on my shoulders which has now turned into a pretty tan...

here is me on saturday evening - i didn't bring any heels as i knew we'd be walking a lot. this dress is wonderful, though the length doesn't work too well for me without heels...

hat, dress and blouse: h&m
bag and belt: vintage, thrifted
shoes: strauss (my favourite summer flats!)