Monday, 8 June 2009

bargains bargains

yes, i went a little crazy at the fleamarket last saturday. bought a few dresses, some porcelain, some hats, two picture frames and a little lady:

this little sewinglady is sadly enough missing a foot, and also, she doesn't quite fit me as she is one size too large. so i would like to sell her to a home where she'd actually get used. she measures ca.94cm around the bust, 74cm around the waist and 98 around the hips. anybody interested?

hats hats hats! and a lovely glass-goblet which looks black but actually is a very dark violet. the red hat you have already seen here, and the strawhats i am planning to make headpieces from.

porcelain - i just couldn't resist those bowls for sallad with the blue apple-halves on (there are actually three of them in different sizes..), and then i got those small soup bowls with the red dots, also three of them, for just one euro, and the graphic 50s roses on the cup and saucer were soo pretty.. well. shame on me. i already have not enough space for my kitchenware, so i really shouldn't have. we'll need a big kitchen with lots of space in the future!

but then, here comes the best: the dresses.

80s 50s-style cotton summerdress. i said i'd never wear pink, but i'll prove myself wrong with pleasure.

bright orange 60s mod-dress for winter. it has really cool detailing at the pockets and the belt, and i like the little collar and blue stitching..

white 60s summer mod-dress. just a little on the big side and with a few stains, which i do hope will disappear in the washingmachine tonight. i guess i'll sell that one on ebay, if nobody here is interested?

this dress is the cream of my finds: a 50s, maybe early 60s dress in charcoal, probably lightweight wool. it is in perfect shape and fits like a charm.

and just look at the little bow under the lovely collar! and the belt in the same fabric as the dress, with a fabric-covered buckle! and i can tell you that i got it for under 10 euro. guess who felt proud!


lari. said...

du scheinst ja echt eine schnäppchenjägerin zu sein ;) aber da kannst du dich wirklich glücklich schätzen! ich hatte ja auch nach den schuhen bei ebay geguckt, aber zu der zeit gab es sie dort nur in silber. & mir hatte es eben die schwarze wildleder-version angetan. da konnte ich nicht anders :D

Cathy Voyage said...

Ich will auch ne Schneiderpuppe! Und das rote Kleid finde ich am schicksten!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

That red bonnet it gorgeous, as is the sweet little black dress :)

Little Peaché said...

Sv: haha ja det är bara att börja brodera paljetter för hela slanten!

Kram på dig

fröken lila said...

@ lari.: danke! ja, ein schnäppchen ist immer was schönes =)

@ cathy: ja, die puppe steht zum verkauf..

@ pretty little pictures: thank you! i'm really happy about both of them.

@ little peache: bara man gör nágot kreativt sá är det bra. tycker jag. kram!

Anonymous said...

Da hast du ja tolle Sachen gefunden. Vor allem die ersten beiden Kleider haben es mir angetan :).

Emz said...

Wow those are all soo cute! I love the dresses and the orange colored coat dress?

a reflecting girl said...

die tassen sind so herzallerliebst.

Christina said...

You have bought so many nice things! Love the dresses!

Eleonore said...

der rote hut hats mir angetan :).

Dotti said...

Oh toll, toll, toll! Das letzte Kleid ist der Wahnsinn. Erst recht zu dem Preis.

Chapeau sagt Dotti!

fröken lila said...

@ nadine: danke: die kleider sind wirklich toll, ich freu mich v.a. auf wärmeres wetter für das in rose..

@ emz: it's a normal dress, the orange one.. it is great, especially as it is warm enough for winter!

@ a reflecting girl: danke! bei porzellan kann ich immer so schlecht vorbeigehen am flohmarkt =)

@ christina: thank you!

@ eleonore: ja, ich werd versuchen ihn häufig zu tragen =) hüte sind was tolles!

@ dotti: danke meine liebe!

GRETEL said...

Also wenn du Kleid 1 mal irgendwann nicht mehr haben willst sagste mir bescheid ,de ? ;-) Und ein Basthütchen nehm ich dazu...Auf welchem Flohmarkt warst du? Schanze?
Liebe Grüße