Saturday, 27 June 2009

win win

would you like to win something? do you like give-aways? i'm sure you do! i do, at least. so...

i do have the honour to hereby announce a huge give-away on the occasion of mizis madness' 500th post! the big question of course is, why do i write about this here? and the answer is: because you have the chance of winning, amongst a huge bunch of other really lovely things, a really pretty necklace i made!

so, what do you have to do to win? it's really easy, just write a real creative (video! pictures! songs! interviews! whatever!) post on your blog (actually, i'm not sure if this is open to the general public or just german-speaking audiences, but i will try and find out about this a.s.a.p.) and tell the world (and mizi, of course) why exactly you should win this paket of presents. as soon as you have done this you beam yourself to mizis madness and leave a comment with a link to your post and a message that you'd love to win. also, don't forget to leave your email!!!

deadline is monday, 28th of june, 20:00 (german time). good luck!!!

(picture by mizis madness, necklace on picture by me)


Cathy Voyage said...

Die Kette ist wirklich süß!

Andreas said...

Cool! =)