Friday, 5 June 2009

feeling good

i feel like i accomplished quite a lot today. not that i really did, but i feel good. that's probably because i finally pulled myself together and went to the library, did some research, borrowed some books and copied another. i also blogged a lot (does that count?) and i do plan to go see a movie later, but only in case i am "duktig" (which is swedish for being a good girl) and feed my citavi project (read: thesis) with loads of titles (read: information about books i want to use) during the next hour. yes yes yes, go lila!!!

anyways, this is what i wear today:

skirt: thrifted, altered by me
turtleneck: only
belt: gina tricot
tights: h&m
shoes: vagabond
necklace: inherited from my grandmother


Cathy Voyage said...

Cute cute skirt!

Le Tasché said...

It seems to very cold as you are wearing a turtleneck :) Lovely skirt and belt!

fröken lila said...

@ cathy: danke! ich mag die farben, lila und grün..

@ le tasche: yes, it is freezing here! and this is supposed to be june.. i don't know...

Mallis said...

tack! det är ett av mina senaste inköp. Man kan ju undra vad som hänt med vädret.brr
kram hoppas du har en skön helg trots kylan.