Friday, 5 June 2009

on an island in the fjord

last sunday, my boyfriend and i took my parents to one of the oslo fjord islands, huvudöya. it is uninhabited and has lots and lots of pretty places to picnic and barbecue and of course, to swim. we found a place in the shade close to an old ammunition house (the island was used as a fort, i think) where we spent the whole sunday afternoon reading, eating, swimming and exploring the island. my boyfriend (thank you, a.!!) had fun taking some pictures for me and the blog, and i had fun posing... so here you are:

skirt, shirt and hat: h&m
shoes: converse


mallis said...

Fina bilder!

Anonymous said...

Oh ich glaube das ist der Rock den ich auch habe :)... tolle Bilder!

anika said...

süße bilder. :)