Saturday, 31 January 2009

by the way

i got a few auctions on ebay running out tomorrow:

a great pair of black jeans from h&m in size 38 (somehow they seem to have gotten wider - or rather, i lost weight and haven't used them for quite a while).

a pretty pretty 70s-style retro t-shirt with beatles-inspired print from gina tricot

and my originial comme des garcons skirt. i first thought about shortening it as it is far too long for little me, but then.. i don't know. it's also a little wide around the waist and it just didn't work out for me. i even tried using it as a dress.. it has a lot of nice details, and i hope it finds a nice new home!!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

exam passed!

on monday i passed my final oral exam with the best result possible: i go a 1,0 which is the best one can achieve at a german university. guess who's happy now!

i also think that after passing so successfully i am worth one of those:

she wood by dsquared2 (fresh! woods! violets!)

un jardin en méditerranée by hermès (fresh! figs! woods!) it did occur to me that hermès must be my favourite perfume house. no wonder with all those minimalist masterpieces by jean-claude ellena..

bvlgari eau parfumée au thé vert extreme (warm! tea! woods!) another masterpiece by jean-claude ellena..

eau de cartier by cartier (fresh! violets! woods! - oh. didn't i say something like that before? i do think so...)
if i just could decide which one!!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

silver mountain water

today i'm smelling of blackcurrants and green tea. and a little citrus also, but just a little.

while sitting at home, studying my head off, i test another perfume: creed's silver mountain water. if ever you want to smell like any choice celebrity (who hasn't come up with their own boring stuff yet), creed is your brand. they make classy interesting fragrances, always inspired by the one or other famous person, preferably royalty.

the one i'm trying right now is supposed to have david bowie as its godfather. now, i'm not a huge bowie-fan, and feel rather indifferent towards his music, but i sure like this smell. it is fresh and clean and a bit fruity and a bit metallic and i think it also must have some iris in it. if it just wasn't so expensive...

expensive is the right word: the other day i also dared to step into one of those sacred halls of highclass consumerism, the hermès store in hamburg, to try out one of their exclusive hermessence fragrances. creed is cheap in comparison to those bottles, trust me, i almost wish i never went in there. but. i did.

the people there were really nice (i did look my best that day also) and let me sniff the scent i wanted to try. and no cheap papercards here: i got a lovely grossgrain ribbon to take home with me. then i asked to try it on skin, which of course i was allowed to, and in the end i went out with a nice and generous sample which i will use very carefully.

the fragrance i tried is called osmanthe yunnan and smells, well, like a nice cup of tea with some orange blossoms besides. as you all might know, i love tea. i love the smell of tea. especially light black tea. this is how tea should smell. sadly enough, it fades quicker than one would like it to, but i would put up with that if i had the spare money. which i don't.

(the pictures are borrowed from: and

Friday, 23 January 2009

matching elegance

i sometimes wonder why everyday-fashion seemed so much more elegant back in the 50s and beginning 60s. but then, it actually isn't so hard. don't you think a matching jacket to your dress, made of the same fabric and in the same style, would produce an air of elegance immediately?

just think, to have the luxury of a matching jacket to each of your dresses... (ok, the gloves and hat actually do have an impact as well..)

i think that's something i'll try to do this year. sew a dress and a matching jacket.


i just started to put some stuff on ebay again, a book (Tintenherz - which i wanted to write about here but it never got done. maybe next week..) and a perfume (cartier's "declaration" which i liked a lot in the beginning and which almost makes me feel sick now. weird thing. i still adore it somehow, i just can't smell it anymore).

also, i put up a petticoat in size 38-42 (it doesn't fit anymore since i lost soem weight during autumn):

and a really cool hat which i bought 2 years ago but never used:

and, once again, those boots in size 37,5:

there will be some more stuff during the next days - and please, tell me if you are interested in any of these!

Monday, 19 January 2009

wooden shoes

i have decided that this years summer shoes are to be sustainable, environmentally friendly wooden shoes. not the classic swedish slip-in ones (which my favourite person in the world can't stand), but a pair with a bit more class - and there are two possibilities:

a) swedish hasbeens. i already wrote about them last year, but i never managed to get a pair. this year they have a new collection of adorable superhigh peeptoes, which look fantastic. and they are being sold in a store in karlstad where i'll be sometime during fabruary/march so i'll at least go and try them on.

b) mohop shoes. they don't have this 70s-feeling as the swedish hasbeens, but they look so much fun anyways! you get five pairs of ribbons with your purchase, and depending on your mood and clothes you can really easily remove the ribbons and put other ones in. if the five sets of ribbons are not enough you can always get more.

the best thing with both is that they will last really long (basically a lifetime) if you treat them well and they are handcrafted locally (and not somewhere in the far east).
both pictures are borrowed from the companies' homepages.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

a mountain of books

or at least, some kind of odd book-landscape in my room:

this is my attempt at figuring out what i still have to read and what i might skip. i tend to takes tons of books home from the library (my last journey to hamburg must have been around 15kilo worth of books..) and sort at home.

so what you can see is one rather smallish mountain with about 4-5 books i decided i need not read for the exam, 2 large (and heavy, i tell you!) coffeetable books by david la chapelle, one huge mountain of postmodernism and arts history, one smallish mountain on photography and mass art, one mountain called deleuze and one on russian film history.

the plan of plowing through this rather rough and difficult landscape is as follows:
tonight: russian film history (only the parts about tarkovskij and sokurov)
tomorrow: postmodernism and its place in arts history, evening: screen "russian ark" with friend
monday: pop art and mass culture/art, connections to postmodernism
tuesday: 9:00-11:00 prepare written exam for swedish course, 12:00 meeting with professor on la chapelle-topic, 14:30 meeting with teacher on deleuze/sokurov-topic, 15:30 print and copy exam for swedish course, 16:15 have swedish course write exam, during exam: take care of deleuze mountain
wednesday: make new plan for rest of week.

study study study

that's what i do today. study. in a nice dress and cardigan. and later i'll bake apple pie.

dress: orsay
cardigan: h&m
tights: don't remember. maybe lindex?

Friday, 16 January 2009

summer and winter

i always wonder why there aren't more terrycloth dresses sold for winter. i mean, yes, i do understand that the usual association with terrycloth is beachtowels and that you usually would use those during summer when going for a swim, with sunshine and heat and icecream and all those nice things that make a great summer, but really: terrycloth is a lot thicker (read: warmer) than most other cotton fabric, so it would make great garments for winter!

just look at this fantastic dress i was wearing yesterday:

dress: only
turtleneck: new yorker
cardigan: kenvelo
tights and flower: h&m
shoes: deichmann

and no, i'm neither sick nor dead, it's just the camera playing tricks on me. the pictures turn kind of blueish when not using the flash inside..

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

music to die for

in the beginning of march i'll go see two concerts with my favourite person in the world, in oslo. last year we went to see kaizers orchestra and bertine zetlitz, both norwegian artists, great music and the gigs were amazing. bertine was so enchanting, and kaizers had such an energy. well. i wasn't supposed to write about last year, but this year.

this year we'll see two swedish artists.
the first one will be laleh who is just about to release a new album, and from what i have heard on her myspace she gets better and better. here is a youtube for you with her song "simon says":

the second concert will be anna ternheim just a few days later, and as i still haven't managed to see her live i am just as much looking forward to this one than to laleh. anna has recently released a new album, and as far as i know, this is her newest single, "what have i done":

Monday, 12 January 2009

a new old chair

just between christmas and new year i felt that the two lovely chairs i own proably won't do their duty for so very much longer. so when i discovered this fantastic chair at the fleamarket last saturday for just 10euroinos including transportation to my place i just had to have it:

it's orange, it's green, it has flowers and it's sooo comfy!

little things

now, while i said i wouldn't show all my christmas presents to you, i thought i'd at least take a picture of the prettiest ones:

the white tin boxes are from myself (i'll store my muesli in the big one and some tea in the smaller one), and the polkadot one is from one of my best friends, vroni. one can never have enough boxes!
the ornaments (the apples and the silver reindeer) are also from myself - the apples will hang on my christmas tree next year (in case i'll have one, that is)!
then i got this fantastic book from my friend and colleague maryann: "the little black book of style" by nina garcia. loads of tips and tricks and i'll sure come back to this one sooner or later.

and: a new pair of shoes from me to me. they are from deichmann and i've worn them on a previous post, but i like them so much i thought i'd show them off once more. i love the colour (lila!!) and their 20s-style.

all red and books

today i am all dressed in different shades of red and purple (though i will change into a pair of brown boots later on when leaving the house), and i am mostly barricaded behind my books. i'll have my very last oral exam in two weeks exactly and am studying like crazy. this exam scares me a bit, as i still don't have a single clue about one of the two topics. well. i haven't given up hope yet.

skirt: second hand (h&m)
shirt: hand-me-down from a friend
tights: c&a
shoes: deichmann
scarf: h&m

tonight i'll have to work. i'll go see a movie with my swedish courses. populärmusik från vittula. i haven't seen the film yet, but i read the book a few years ago and never quite understood what was so funny about it. but maybe the film will help. and i always like to see some nice vintage clothing in a movie.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

beautiful pictures, interesting stories, stunning atmosphere

here are some films i am so so so looking forward to seeing during the next months:

the fall - one beautiful, surreal picture after the other. a film about telling a story. about fantasy, and about different perspectives of children and grown-ups.

revolutionary road - by sam mendes, the director of american beauty and with leonardo di caprio (who is not my type but a great actor. it's always a pleasure seeing him in a movie) and kate winslet, whom i like a lot. and set in the 50s - what more can you wish for?

last, but not least: the spirit - frank miller goes neo noir. there will be style, there will be gangsters, there will be stunning pictures.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

present - from me for me

while i got mostly practical stuff for christmas, i bought some nice little things for myself as well, some of which will appear on this blog during the following days, at least that's what i plan.
first, of course, the most wonderful piece of it all:

remember when i said i wouldn't stand up in the middle of the night and battle fashionistas to get my hands on some comme des garcons for h&m? well, i never had to. neither did i pay ridiculous amounts of money on ebay for it.

during my stay in oslo in the beginning of december, i found that both stores there who had the collection still had a lot of stuff over, so i couldn't resist at least trying on something. the piece i liked the most was the trench, which fittet perfectly, but 170€ (the norwegian crown hadn't fallen yet) was just about far too much money for me.
now, on my trip to my parents' place just before christmas i stopped by at nürnberg's h&m and guess what i found at the sales-rack: the trench. in my size. in dark blue (the colours on the picture got a bit too dark). 50% off. it must have been meant to be.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

eco tagg

det swedish blogger underbara clara tagged basically everyone who wanted, and as i liked the task in question i thought i'd take it to my blog:

list three ecologically positive habits you have and three negative ones, plus list three things you would like to do better in future.

so, three environmentally friendly things i am proud over:

1. i use the bike or walk most of the time, other than that i take public transportation. in other words: i don't own a car.

2. i just changed my electricity supplier, from e.on to lichtblick. now i get sustainable electricity!!

3. i don't shower everyday anymore but only every other day. the other days i wash carefully, but i don't need as much water. if i shower, i try to keep it as short as possible.

three environmentally not so friendly things i am not so proud over:

1. i do fly pretty often, and i use cheap airlines such as ryanair. the reason is that there are no trains to oslo from here, or rather, i'd be travelling for two whole days to get there but in autumn we plan on moving together, so i won't fly so much anymore then.

2. my computer is on a lot of times when i don't need it. it doesn't use a lot of energy, but it's a bad habit anyways.

3. i still haven't isolated those windows and doors here, so i guess i'm heating a lot for the birds.

three things i would like to get better at:

1. buy more local food and ecological food

2. say no to all those plastic bags you get when out shopping. meaning also: get better at taking my own bags with me when going out for shopping.

3. buy more second hand or, if new, classics of really good quality, instead of cheap stuff which will break after two uses. this is the hardest nut to crack. definitely.

so, i'm tagging dotti's dots, strawberry kitten, om stil, almost stylish and mybeautyblog. there you go!

Monday, 5 January 2009

a little mod maybe

during the last days, i was quite obsessed with this little 60s retro mod minidress i own and haven't worn for months - perfect to start the new year with. so, today, i thought i'd finally do the first wardrobe shot for 2009, but as i haven't yet figured out how to charm my new camera, this rather pale and bluish picture will have to do:

dress: pimkie
jeans: vero moda
t-shirt, socks and flower: h&m
shoes: deichmann

may i introduce...

it seems to be quite the fashion to show off all your presents, but the thing with the ones i got is, most of them don't really go with what i otherwise show off here, as they are mostly of the practical kind. a good sign for finally growing up is when your parents give you a quality tool kit (so they don't have to come and help you with your furniture anymore..)... i also got a hand mixer/blender to make soups and smoothies, and a toaster (did i tell you that my brother works at bosch??). which i needed. badly.

the nicest thing - of course - i got from my boyfriend. the fashion blogger's dream come true: a new and gorgeous camera for my outfit posts, a lovely canon thingy, great design and according to the reviews, easy to handle. well. i'm still figuring out how to make the thing focus on my whole person and not some random part of the room, but i guess in another week or two i might finally get it =) only joking, but i haven't read the manual yet and that might be a good starting point...

so, instead of showing off all my christmas presents (though i promise i'll show the ones i got for myself..), i thought i'd introduce you to fröken katt, who since a few weeks back lives with me:

she is, as you might see, a japanese boudoir cat with a love for lace and cherries. also, she is quite two faced, which makes her both interesting and mysterious... and, the picture was taken with the new camera!!

her history is as follows: a few years back, my aunt, who is an artist, made a series of wooden cats in different sizes, and i always wanted to make one for myself when i was at her place. the thing got forgotten over time until last easter when i remembered it and asked if there where some parts left for me to make one. there were, and i started. after half the cat was done i had to go home and thought i'd finish her the next time i'm there, which wasn't until in december, when fröken katt finally got her dress and make-up and was transported home to where she lives now.

isn't she wonderful?

oh my

it's been ages, again, since my last post. but - i've been busy, real busy. until christmas i was busy writing my last, very last essay for my studies: now it's only one oral exam left (in three weeks and i haven't studied one single minute for it yet, so don't expect to hear too much from me until then) and after that the master's thesis (magisterarbeit), which i hopefully will be able to finish by august.

anyways, since christmas i have been busy doing nothing special but eating cookies and other tasty things. for the christmas holidays i was with my family and enjoyed being home, and during the last week i was back to lüneburg to celebrate the new year with my boyfriend who came down from oslo. we had a really nice and slow time, mostly relaxing, doing some shopping and some good cooking. but. today it's back to business and also back to my blog!!

happy new year everyone!!