Saturday, 17 January 2009

a mountain of books

or at least, some kind of odd book-landscape in my room:

this is my attempt at figuring out what i still have to read and what i might skip. i tend to takes tons of books home from the library (my last journey to hamburg must have been around 15kilo worth of books..) and sort at home.

so what you can see is one rather smallish mountain with about 4-5 books i decided i need not read for the exam, 2 large (and heavy, i tell you!) coffeetable books by david la chapelle, one huge mountain of postmodernism and arts history, one smallish mountain on photography and mass art, one mountain called deleuze and one on russian film history.

the plan of plowing through this rather rough and difficult landscape is as follows:
tonight: russian film history (only the parts about tarkovskij and sokurov)
tomorrow: postmodernism and its place in arts history, evening: screen "russian ark" with friend
monday: pop art and mass culture/art, connections to postmodernism
tuesday: 9:00-11:00 prepare written exam for swedish course, 12:00 meeting with professor on la chapelle-topic, 14:30 meeting with teacher on deleuze/sokurov-topic, 15:30 print and copy exam for swedish course, 16:15 have swedish course write exam, during exam: take care of deleuze mountain
wednesday: make new plan for rest of week.


Cathy Voyage said...

Ich liebe es auch, Pläne zu machen! Da bekommt der ganze Berg an Sachen, die man noch zu machen hat, ein bisschen Struktur und verliert an Schrecken...

The Clothes Horse said...

All those books look/sound real interesting. I love how much one can take from a library. :)