Monday, 12 January 2009

little things

now, while i said i wouldn't show all my christmas presents to you, i thought i'd at least take a picture of the prettiest ones:

the white tin boxes are from myself (i'll store my muesli in the big one and some tea in the smaller one), and the polkadot one is from one of my best friends, vroni. one can never have enough boxes!
the ornaments (the apples and the silver reindeer) are also from myself - the apples will hang on my christmas tree next year (in case i'll have one, that is)!
then i got this fantastic book from my friend and colleague maryann: "the little black book of style" by nina garcia. loads of tips and tricks and i'll sure come back to this one sooner or later.

and: a new pair of shoes from me to me. they are from deichmann and i've worn them on a previous post, but i like them so much i thought i'd show them off once more. i love the colour (lila!!) and their 20s-style.

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Cathy Voyage said...

Ich bin verliebt in die Schuhe. Und die Box. Und die Elche. Und...