Monday, 25 May 2009

to the cinema

and this is what i wore yesterday to the cinema:

dress, cardigan, tights: h&m
belt: thrifted
necklace: someplace in italy
shoes: kmb

i changed shoes though before leaving for the movies, for some with less heel, which maybe was not such a good idea, as i tripped over my own shoelaces on my way into the cinema and fell. there is a maybe 2m long area at the entrance where they have carpet on the floor, and it is exactly there i fell - one meter later i would have crashed onto the tiled floor, and i guess i wouldn't have been able to see the movie then. also, i wore a padded bra which i almost never do, and i think it helped soften the crash a little.

do you know this feeling when something happens in slow motion? this is how the fall was for me, in slow motion. i was really confused over why i tripped during the few seconds the fall lasted. so today i am a little sore in my back and upper arms, because i tried to absorb the shock by putting my arms and hands in front of me - or under my falling body. but, nothing worse happened, and apart from my friend who was really helpful, nobody saw me...


yesterday i finally took the chance to see kubrick's 2001- A Space Odyssey, which i have wanted to see for quite some time and never really got around doing. actually, ever since i knew that our introduction music to the university cinema group is part of 2001, namely zarathustra. now yesterday they screened it in our small local artsy cinema and i went.

what a movie! i was well prepared by the opinions of others who warned me that it was very slow, and rather weird, and most of them said that it was normal not to like it the first time. i did like it. it was weird and slow and i liked it. the psychedelic part towards the end was a bit too long in my opinion, but other than that it was an amazing experience.

what i find most interesting with the movie is the motif of the circle. the planets, the sun and moon, the spaceships, even the space-helmets, and in the end, the baby, they are all circles on the screen. within the spaceships, the travellers and crew walk in circles. hal, the computer, is sumbolized by a red dot, also a circleform.

then, i felt like there were two metaphorical circles embedded in what happens, and both are somehow intertwined. the first circle starts with the first step towards mankind, which is triggered by this almost biblical stone plate, enabling, in essence, one tribe of apes to kill another tribe which is not as smart. so one could say that the first step towards mankind is being taken by a killing of someone of your own race (this does sound familiar, doesn't it? wasn't there something of that kind in the bible, cain and abel?). this circle closes when the computer develops human emotions and kills one of the two space travellers on their mission to jupiter, though it is broken when the hal is disconnected by dave, the second astronaut.

the other circle is a smaller one and could be called a circle of life, which dave is sent upon after his reaching jupiter. in the end of very psychedelic race he lands in a romm in pale colours and 19th century furniture. as he looks into a mirror he sees he has aged. when he enters the next room, he sees and old man sitting at a table, eating. it is dave himself, even more aged, and a few moments later we see him lying in bed in the same room, dying. the film closes with a baby which, in a bubble looking a bit like a planet, floats through space.

apparently, especially this last scene with the baby has been widely discussed, but i haven't really bothered to read anything about the movie. so these are my own thoughts about it, and i just hope that others are as fascinated by the movie as i am.

oh, and in case i ever get married and in case i ever want to dance a wedding waltz in that case, it would have to be the blue danube. and no, not just from a tape or cd or a band, but from film. with 2001 being screened on a wall behind the dancefloor. the scene of the dancing spaceships. perfect.

pictures from somewhere on the internet. not mine, of course.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

fleamarket finds

so i went to the fleamarket again yesterday. i thought there would be a big one at the other end of the town and a friend of mine wanted to follow. she didn't have time before 10 or 10.30, so i thought i'd check the smaller one which was close to her place until she was ready. it was lucky i decided to do that, because, as we biked through town we realized that there was a nazi-demonstration right around the area where the big fleamarket was supposed to be. nice! so we had this bad feeling that the market probably wouldn't happen, and right we were. all we saw was hundreds of green cars and police men, but no fleamarket, so we decided to go and have coffee and cake instead.

nevertheless i had scored a few finds during the morning at the small market:

pretty flowery fabric (to be a summer dress..), three 50s porcelain eggcups, a missmatched teacup and saucer, also from the 50s (maybe 60s or 40s), a round picture frame and, the absolutely best find: a tapestry bag in green, cream and red. perfect in size and shape, fake green leather and for 5 euroninos only. i had been looking for a tapestry bag for at least half a year, so guess how happy i was!!!
here is a close-up on the eggcups and teacup, i just love the graphic pattern!

i also found some clothes: a retro diners-waitress blouse in white with a print with small red coke-bottles which i will show you some other time, and a costume jacket in grey and light blue:

the jacket still has the original price-tag on, and i got it for 2€! still, it looks a little too proper granny for my taste, so i plan to adjust it a little by changing the buttons, taking out the horrible shoulder pads (my shoulders are large enough by themselves) and adding some studs, inspired by this jacket from the h&m divided exclusives fall collection:

(picture from nitrolicious)
The only question remaining is: does anybody know where i can get black pyramid studs? i found silver ones on ebay, so an alternative would be to buy those and spraypaint them black. but that would be such a hassle! so if you got any idea, please tell me! i also thought about just using silver/steel studs, but i think black would go so much better with the jacket's black trimming...

Friday, 22 May 2009

big sale

just wanted to remind you of some of my ebay-auctions which are running out tomorrow.. dresses, shoes, a gingham skirt and a pretty green handbag... all for sale here. i will put up some more tomorrow!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

flappy skirt

the skirt i am wearing today is actually a dress. as so often. i felt that my flippy flappy 20s-fringe dress gets far too little fresh air outside my wardrobe, so i decided to dress it down a little to suit the occasion: finally finishing my tax declaration.
it is almost done now (there is one piece of information missing and i have to make a phone call for that tomorrow) and when i have handed all those kilos of paperwork in i will open a bottle of bubbly wine to celebrate. i do hope to get some money back which i can promise you i will spend very happily on shoes and clothing...

dress, top, tights: h&m
belt: gina tricot
necklace: some small shop in verona
shoes: vagabond

sorry for the rather unhealty colour in my face.. i think my camera must have gotten something wrong with the colours..

and another chance to win

there is another chance to win a dress at grosgrain.. this time it's called the blueberry pie refashion frock, and it is such a sweet sumemr dress in bright colours and a lovely print. you can read more about the frock and the giveaway here...

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

just rediscovered

this was part of my berlin soundtrack in summer 2006. two months internship at the filmarchive plus living in the capital. not so bad for a summer. and of course i was totally head over heels fresh in love. i love him still. he's perfect.

diy: lacey scarf

some time back i found this wonderful diy-idea (here) about what to do with vintage doilies: a lightweight, romantic scarf. so i set out to buy doilies, some i found at a thrift store and some i found at a fleamarket, and i started sewing. i'm still not done yet, only half way through, but i thought i'd share it with you for the diy-blogparade.

you need:

a bunch of doilies (you'll need, depending on the size, between 8 and 15), a needle, some thread

sort the doilies by size and lay them next to each other in the order you'd like to have them in your scarf.

pin them to each other and sew them together (either like me, by hand, or, if you're handy, with a sewing machine.. i didn't dare to subject these gentle doilies to my not so perfect skills on my sewing machine, so i stuck with handsewing) - done!

of course i'll post a picture of the finished scarf as soon as i am done..

black and red

yesterday started all well but then the warm and humid weather slapped me around a bit and i ended up feeling tired and having an upset stomach. today is a little better, though the weather is pretty much the same and even though i am perfectly able to eat (which i was yesterday as well) my stomach is just not happy. i'm not sure, but i might have caught something, so i guess i'll try the trick with the pepsi-coke though i usually never drink anything like this.

so today is reserved for blogging, watching a movie (and writing a transkript on the use of fashion in it) for my thesis and finishing my tax declaration. i do hope to get some money back, so the thought of it should be helping me on the way.. if it just wasn't so difficult with all these different papers and stuff to copy and hoping not to forget anything...

this morning i also finished shortening this lovely 70s farmer's skirt:

skirt: thrifted, altered by me
tanktop: vero moda
cardigan, tights: h&m
necklace: six
belt: thrifted
shoes: deichmann

isn't the print on the skirt lovely?

i cut about 20cm off the skirts length, and as it is a full circle i guess i have now some 4m of a pretty border left for some project.. maybe i'll use it for the hem of a summerdress, or an apron? we'll see..

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

good start

today seems like a good day, at least it started well so i have high hopes.. first i managed to get together all important papers for my intended copysession for my taxdeclaration today. then i got an email that i have won a dvd-box with audrey-hepburn movies on a giveaway which i had already almost forgotten about. and as if this wasn't great already, my phonecompany phoned to tell me that my mobile phone finally has come back from a turn to the repaircenter, after more than three weeks. so, now i'm off to fetch it and will leave you with yesterday's outfit with the lacey dress in action:

dress: gina tricot, altered by me
cardigan, tights: h&m
necklace: six
shoes: kmb

Sunday, 17 May 2009

the lacey dress

today was not much more successful than yesterday, and equally as slow. must be the weather. i worked a little on my tax declaration (want to hand it in this week), shortened a skirt (well, now i still have to shorten the lining..) and ate chocolate.

in a few minutes i'll be off to my friend rana's in hamburg for dinner, and as i did not take a picture fo today's outfit, here is, as promised yesterday, the new stripey dress with the new lacey hemline. it also laces up at the back, which is why i bought it in the first place.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

rather slow

today was a rather slow day. probably because of a great lack of black tea, and don't ask me why i forgot to make me some. yes, that's right. forgot. and yes, i do feel a bit ashamed. but only a little.

but, i did go food-shopping, i did take an outfit-picture and i put up three dresses on ebay. you can buy them here. and there is more to follow during the next days.

leather-skirt: thrifted
vest: h&m trend (but, thrifted)
t-shirt: new yorker
necklace and tights: gina tricot
shoes: vintage

i found the vest on my latest fleamarket-trip. or rather, the one before, as the latest was in oslo. as the vest looks more white than striped in the picture, here is a close-up on it:

i also finished a diy project, namely sewing some black lace ribbon to the hem of a new summerdress. will show tomorrow.

dresses, shoes... for sale!

i'll put some stuff up on ebay tonight, links will follow then as well.. in case anybody is interested in buying something directly, leave a comment with your email!

edit: i put up the first three dresses here. more during the next days.

beige 30s-style dress (h&m, size 38), with fabric covered buttons and a bow to tie in the back. used once or twice.

black neckholder dress, with gold detailing. (h&m, size 34/36). used once or twice.

the famous h&m peacock dress, sold out right now. size 42, but works also for 38 (see picture), 40 and maybe 44, as it is very strechy.

black knitted dress with by zara, size 34/36. closes with 12 fabric-covered buttons in the back (but they don't have to be opened to get into the dress). i just never used it, so it has to go, even though it is one of the most comfortable dresses i ever had..

bright red shirtdress (h&m, size 36 - might fight better on a 34, as is very tight) - perfect for summer!

a pair of summer sandals from dinsko, a scandinavian shoe chain. real leather, size 38,5 - or small 39. they are a little too big for me so i slip out of them all the time... used once.

dark green 80s/90s handbag. i just never used it.

a pair of 20s/30s style mary-janes. with very pretty 3cm heels, made of the softest leather and with nice detailing. they are just a little too small for me. size 37,5, might work for a small 38 as well if you have a narrow foot. leather sole, used two or three times.

black blouse by the swedish brand indiska. short puffy arms. size 36/38, with pretty little white flowers. perfect for summer!

i guess i'll sort out some more stuff to sell during the weekend..

Friday, 15 May 2009

friday outfit

today i missed the meeting of my coaching-group for writing your thesis. it wasn't my fault but simply wrong information on the side of the leader - it was supposed to be at 10.00 but her email stated 16.00. that i was misinformed i realized of course too late.
so, instead i used the day - mostly for socializing. i had breakfast with my friend astrid who was here from berlin for two days, then i met up for coffee with my friend dany (who actually made it to the coachinggroup today, as she was suspicious of the sudden change of time), afterwards i had lunch with my collegues from the swedish department and to top it all i had afternoon tea at my friend nicole's place.

and this is what i wore for all this:

skirt: vintage
black t-shirt: new yorker
belt and cardigan: gina tricot
brooch: thrifted
tights: don't remember

and yes, i look tired because i took the picture around half past eight in the morning. which is practically night, counting that i was up until 2 last night reading austen. for my thesis. of course.

meet my new sixlegged friend

look who just moved in with me last weekend: this little guy (not sure if he is a bug or a moth..) likes to hang around my neck. sometimes he disappears in my clothes, just to suddenly reappear and scare me!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

diy blogparade

fashion diary by anna frost called for diy-projects for a blogparade (info here), and as i have some projects lying around, waiting to get finished, i thought i'd use the opportunity...

are you also bored by all those simple, plain t-shirts lying around in your wardrobe? or want to give away a personalized t-shirt? well, i thought, printing or painting is nice, but everybody does that, so when i wanted to give my brother a t-shirt for his birthday i decided on something different and dug up the good old method of cross-stitching. it really is simple, and above all, very relaxing.

to make a pattern, you draw the outline of the motif on checkered paper and fill the checkers within the outline with small crosses.
then, you need a needle, thread in any colour you like to use and, to make it a little easier and keep the fabric in place, an embroidery hoop. with all this in hand, take your time and stich one cross after the other until your embroidery is done:

this pattern i used i got from the swedish page "fuldesign", where they offer free patterns (a dancing michael jackson, a girl with balloons...) for cross-stitching as downloads. if you'd like to use words, here is a bunch of cross-stitching alphabets to be found which you may use privately but not for stuff you want to sell.

of course this is far from perfect embroidery, but that was not what i aimed for either. i think the pistol gives the rather oldfashioned method a nice twist..

gingham dress

yesterday i had my black and white gingham dress, and lila tights. the dress has a full circle skirt, which is not so praktical for going on your bike. i realized that when i was halfway to the station. on my bike, of course. everything went well though, the dress did not end up in shredded by the spokes and i got safely to and from the station.

apart from this dangerous bikeride, i suffered from a minor shock when i wanted to pay with my card and saw it was not in my purse. it took me about ten minutes of severe brainwork to remember that i had not left it accidentally in the atm or at any shop, but that i actually had only left it in my other purse which i used this weekend for my norwegian money when i was in oslo. there i had also forgotten my student-id which serves as my trainticket, and only thanks to a really nice conductor i was spared the misery of a fine.. what a day!

dress, cardigan and tights: h&m
belt: thrifted
shoes: topshop
(invisible) necklace: gina tricot

a chance to win

i might have a tiny chance to win a beautiful sundress. oh how i would love to win!!!

Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

other than that i'll try to post yesterday's outfit later on, and will also try to modify a new dress i have with some lace. have a beautiful day!

Monday, 11 May 2009

the greatest

just. beautiful.
the movie and the song.

my blueberry nights. would have been. the perfect movie for tonight. but. a selfmade mangolassie is helping a little.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


so, i was tagged again, this time by kath. on her blog seidenrock and by nina from schokoladensüchtig. thank you!

the rules are:
1. answer the questions on your blog
2. take away one question you don't like and add a new one.
3. tag 8 other people

1. which perfume do you use?
prada - infusion de fleur d'oranger, cartier - eau de cartier, l'artisan parfumeur - thé pour un eté. it all depends on the mood.

2. song of the day?
kaizers orchestra - de involverte

3. what's for dinner today?
pasta with pesto, and then selfmade rhubarb-orange-jelly with whipped cream

4. today's highlight?
the rhubarb-orange-jelly, i'm afraid...

5. what whould you really like to learn?
more russian, some finnish and how to use my new cordless screwdriver

6. what was the last thing you bought?
vanilla-pecan icecream by a wellknown brand. i shared it with my good friend nicole.

7. what's your favourite animal?
my sewing machine

8. what's your most important goal at the moment?
to get my thesis done. or rather, to get the start done, i guess finishing it won't be too hard once i'm running...

9. what do you think of the person who tagged you?
nice new blog-acquaintance!

10. what's the colour of your eyes?
greyish blue

11. if you could change something with yourself, what would that be?
be less lazy

12. if you could be anywhere in the world for the next hours, where would that be?
at my boyfriend's place in oslo.

13. what do you find important with your friends?
to be able to rely on them, and to know that they rely on me as well

14. who would you like to meet sometime?
jane austen. as this is impossible i'll have to be content with the books and movies

15. what's your dreamjob?
to organize the nordische filmtage lübeck

16. what's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
that's a hard one. my white scarf with black dots, and my red t-bar-pumps.

17. do you have any favourite models?

18. 3 things that make you smile
my boyfriend calling me on the phone without any reason, just to call.
the first flowers of the year.
getting nice handwritten letters.

19. what's your favourite song at the moment?
detektivbyrán - lyckans undulat

20. what's your favourite tv-series?
i don't have a tv... but i'd like to see mad men, i think. and i've always had a thing for the nanny. you know, with fran drescher (*ashamed*)

21. what are you wearing at the moment?
raspberry-coloured tights, h&m 50s flowerdress, brown cardigan, black belt with bow and favourite scarf.

22. what's your favourite sweets?
sometimes chocolate, but not today. mostly selfmade cakes and pies and muffins.

23. who's your role model for style?
lots and lots of great bloggers. dotti's dots, evis from om stil, nio till fem, sal from already pretty, little peaché, stylebytes (even though she doesn't blog anymore) and casey's elegant musings. amongst others.

24. what is the last film you saw?
jane austen's persuasion (the one with ciaran hinds and amanda root. perfect. very 90s. very pretty.)

of course i almost forgot tagging others... so, i do tag:
betty lou
bucca (from whatever she said then i'm that)
little peaché
linnea from reggie and friends
and beating heart baby

Friday, 1 May 2009

a new baby

i finally made up my mind and ordered a new computer. as i am just about to start writing my thesis (magisterarbeit) i thought that this was a good idea. i just don't want my good old pal here to break down right when i'm half way through with all the work. of course, it wasn't easy to decide, but the possibility to actually get a notebook in my favourite colour helped me a lot on the way:

so today i ordered a brandnew and very stylish lila dell studio 15 (picture from dell's webpage), and i just hope i won't be disappointed. i don't know how long it will take to deliver the baby, but i guess it'll be something around 2 weeks. guess who's excited and feels she just cannot wait!!!