Thursday, 7 May 2009


so, i was tagged again, this time by kath. on her blog seidenrock and by nina from schokoladensüchtig. thank you!

the rules are:
1. answer the questions on your blog
2. take away one question you don't like and add a new one.
3. tag 8 other people

1. which perfume do you use?
prada - infusion de fleur d'oranger, cartier - eau de cartier, l'artisan parfumeur - thé pour un eté. it all depends on the mood.

2. song of the day?
kaizers orchestra - de involverte

3. what's for dinner today?
pasta with pesto, and then selfmade rhubarb-orange-jelly with whipped cream

4. today's highlight?
the rhubarb-orange-jelly, i'm afraid...

5. what whould you really like to learn?
more russian, some finnish and how to use my new cordless screwdriver

6. what was the last thing you bought?
vanilla-pecan icecream by a wellknown brand. i shared it with my good friend nicole.

7. what's your favourite animal?
my sewing machine

8. what's your most important goal at the moment?
to get my thesis done. or rather, to get the start done, i guess finishing it won't be too hard once i'm running...

9. what do you think of the person who tagged you?
nice new blog-acquaintance!

10. what's the colour of your eyes?
greyish blue

11. if you could change something with yourself, what would that be?
be less lazy

12. if you could be anywhere in the world for the next hours, where would that be?
at my boyfriend's place in oslo.

13. what do you find important with your friends?
to be able to rely on them, and to know that they rely on me as well

14. who would you like to meet sometime?
jane austen. as this is impossible i'll have to be content with the books and movies

15. what's your dreamjob?
to organize the nordische filmtage lübeck

16. what's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
that's a hard one. my white scarf with black dots, and my red t-bar-pumps.

17. do you have any favourite models?

18. 3 things that make you smile
my boyfriend calling me on the phone without any reason, just to call.
the first flowers of the year.
getting nice handwritten letters.

19. what's your favourite song at the moment?
detektivbyrán - lyckans undulat

20. what's your favourite tv-series?
i don't have a tv... but i'd like to see mad men, i think. and i've always had a thing for the nanny. you know, with fran drescher (*ashamed*)

21. what are you wearing at the moment?
raspberry-coloured tights, h&m 50s flowerdress, brown cardigan, black belt with bow and favourite scarf.

22. what's your favourite sweets?
sometimes chocolate, but not today. mostly selfmade cakes and pies and muffins.

23. who's your role model for style?
lots and lots of great bloggers. dotti's dots, evis from om stil, nio till fem, sal from already pretty, little peaché, stylebytes (even though she doesn't blog anymore) and casey's elegant musings. amongst others.

24. what is the last film you saw?
jane austen's persuasion (the one with ciaran hinds and amanda root. perfect. very 90s. very pretty.)

of course i almost forgot tagging others... so, i do tag:
betty lou
bucca (from whatever she said then i'm that)
little peaché
linnea from reggie and friends
and beating heart baby


Andreas said...

Sewing machine... how about cat?

Cathy Voyage said...

Hast du dir die Mühe gemacht, zu übersetzen oder war es schon Englisch?

fröken lila said...

@ andreas: we'll discuss that another time.

@ cathy: ich habe übersetzt. ich glaube ich hab die fragen schonmal irgendwo auf englisch gesehen, hatte aber keinen nerv zu suchen =)

Little Peaché said...

Sv: Åh vad skoj! Jag ska genast ta tag i den! Så himla roligt!

Kram på dig

anna said...

Hej, klänningen är en str. M skulle jag säga, den är lite vidare över midjan och höfterna än över bysten. 38-40 tror jag är en bra beskrivning, den är superfin, så det var så tråkigt att inte kunna ha den!

Linnea said...

tack for taggen eller vad man sager...ska ta tag i den snart...