Friday, 1 May 2009

a new baby

i finally made up my mind and ordered a new computer. as i am just about to start writing my thesis (magisterarbeit) i thought that this was a good idea. i just don't want my good old pal here to break down right when i'm half way through with all the work. of course, it wasn't easy to decide, but the possibility to actually get a notebook in my favourite colour helped me a lot on the way:

so today i ordered a brandnew and very stylish lila dell studio 15 (picture from dell's webpage), and i just hope i won't be disappointed. i don't know how long it will take to deliver the baby, but i guess it'll be something around 2 weeks. guess who's excited and feels she just cannot wait!!!


bénédicte said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :)

The best flea markets in Oslo are the seasonal ones, every autumn and spring local schools have fundraising flea markets for the school's marching band, and everything is done on a volunteer principle And you find so many lovely treasures! If you're here during those times, it is generally best to go to the flea markets that are a bit out of town. Especially on the western side of town you have a lot of rich and old people donating things to the flea markets.

There are also flea markets that are held every week, like Vestkanttorget (Frogner/Majorstuen) every Saturday - where they have mostly collector's items and some handmade stuff, and some vintage clothing, and Birkelunden (Grünerløkka) on Sundays, with vintage clothing, furniture and kitchen articles. These can both run quite expensive though, as the sellers are mostly aware of the value of the things they sell!

Andreas said...

Really nice.

Cathy Voyage said...

Glückwunsch zum tollen Computer!

Linnea said...

lila blir nog har en rod Dell...tror inte det fanns lila nar vi skulle hade jag nog valt lila faktiskt!

anna said...

det förstår jag verkligen, jag väntar också på en ny dator, riktigt spännande!

abster said...

i want

KATH. said...

getagged :)

yiqin; said...

My boyf says dell is good so yay for you :)

fröken lila said...

@ benedicte: thanks for all the tips!

@ andreas: that's why i bought it=)

@ cathy: danke! ich freu mich schon.. dauert aber noch bis er ankommt..

@ linnea: det tror jag med.

@ anna: kul med ny dator va?

@ abster: =)

@ kath.: erledigt. schönen dank!

@ yiqin: i heard that they are suppossed to be good, that's why i decided on them..

a reflecting girl said...

neid :)

Anonymous said...

genau den selben hab ich seit sommer..
er ist super... die farbe ist genial... un es ist einfach jeder neidisch..:D
ich wünsch dir viel spaß mit dem neuen notebook!!!
lg tara