Thursday, 14 May 2009

gingham dress

yesterday i had my black and white gingham dress, and lila tights. the dress has a full circle skirt, which is not so praktical for going on your bike. i realized that when i was halfway to the station. on my bike, of course. everything went well though, the dress did not end up in shredded by the spokes and i got safely to and from the station.

apart from this dangerous bikeride, i suffered from a minor shock when i wanted to pay with my card and saw it was not in my purse. it took me about ten minutes of severe brainwork to remember that i had not left it accidentally in the atm or at any shop, but that i actually had only left it in my other purse which i used this weekend for my norwegian money when i was in oslo. there i had also forgotten my student-id which serves as my trainticket, and only thanks to a really nice conductor i was spared the misery of a fine.. what a day!

dress, cardigan and tights: h&m
belt: thrifted
shoes: topshop
(invisible) necklace: gina tricot


Anonymous said...

love the skirt AND your layout-colours!!!

me likey!!

Jenna said...

wow, sieht wirklihc toll aus!

TuvaMinnaLinn said...

Tjusigt värre du! I like!

Frollein von Sofa said...

dearest fröken ! just a short hello to you from the german fräulein ( frollein ) your blog !

fröken lila said...

@ zad: thanks! i really do like lila.. =)

@ jenna: danke!!

@ tuvaminnalinn: tacktack!

@ frollein von sofa: schönen dank auch, die dame!