Friday, 27 June 2008

yesterday's news II

and here is yesterday's outfit.
a warm summer day. 40s style.

blouse: zara
dress: only
shoes .. well, nope. i won't tell. it is too embarassing to admit.
belt with bow: h&m

yesterday's news I

me, one day last week. i think. if remembered correctly.
50s polkadots. very much so.

polka-dot top: vero moda
high-waisted skirt: Lindex

Sunday, 22 June 2008


today i baked. cupcakes. after an afternoon of basically lying down in my bed with a severe headache, the aspirin i had taken finally helped and i felt quite enthusiastic and decided to bake a couple of cupcakes. i do love cupcakes. it should have been cherry-ones, but as i ate all the cherries yesterday evening already, i decided on cranberry with macadamia. gorgeous!

the picture does not do them credit, they are as crispy as can be, and fluffy and not too sweet. just perfect. the only thing missing is some icing, but i didn't have any icing-sugar at home, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.


here is the video-clip to kate nash's song "foundation". they played the song around the interview with me. i didn't know it before, but i found that i do like it very well.
i also like the video a lot, especially the staircase with the different colours and patterns on each step. and also the socks. they are very engaging.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

handcrafted myself

all those nice shops on etsy with people selling lovely pretty selfmade jewellery gave me ideas. a very good idea that is to say, and it was to start making jewellery out of vintage brooches, pearls and other stuff myself.
so i got myself the necessary tools and other things and started off, and today i finished my first necklace:

i took a vintage brooch, which had a glittering stone and the form of four leaves, and i added two black glass-pearls and an alabaster-coloured glass-flower. i also attached a chain with four black pearls on each side. i do like it very well. and it was a lot of fun, so i guess i got myself a new hobby..

the box

last week, a nice package arrived at my place, containing a very pretty jewellery-box (well, actually perfume-box, but won't use it that way) by Dior, which i had bought for very little money on ebay.

it is very neat and handsome and as soon as i have brought some order to my room it will have the nicest place next to the mirror on a little 50s side-board. it is all black with a little print on top and a cute little shiny bow as a lock...

little sparrow

as i have written earlier, i bought a very handsome necklace on velourdebijoux's etsy-shop, and i promised to view it to you as well:

i do like it so very much, i wear it almost everyday right now. isn't the little sparrow just adorable? it is called "Maina Mata Hair Sparrow Bird With Red Flower Necklace".

Friday, 20 June 2008

summer outfits

pictures of me, taken a few weeks ago when it was really hot and summer here.

top: light blue vero moda
belt: second hand vintage
skirt: h&m

dress: h&m

on the radio

today i was interviewed live on my university's student-radio "katerfrühstück". the occasion is the student-film-festival "videospekatakel - salzsau" which i organize together with two friends.

here you can listen to today's show. the interview starts after the first three songs.

the big event takes place next tuesday at 19.00 in hörsaal1 at lüneburg's university. we'll show around 30-35 shortfilms which were made by students during the last 2,5 years. there are 5 categories:
documentary, feature film, podcast/spot, music video and experimental film.
the audience will have the chance to vote for their favourites in each category, and the winners will recieve the ominous "golden salt-sow", so i hope that a lot of people will show up. the more the merrier!!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

handcrafted loveliness, part II

another etsy-seller whom i found out about via highfashiongirl was voleurdebijoux, from where i already ordered a piece for myself (picture will follow) and also one for a friend who fell just as much in love with this beautiful handmade jewellery as i did.

the shipping was really fast, the transfer easy and the communication really nice. i do recommend this online-shop with all my heart.

here are some of my favourites on picture (the ones i couldn't afford to buy right now..)

Edelina Boho Chic Green Quartz Leaf Necklace

just think, to have an octopus around your neck...

i am really intrigued by the red vintage-glass things there are... especially the earrings. the problem would be though, that i don't have any holes in my ears to put rings through.

still, i'm thinking about getting my ears pierced. maybe. perhaps. if it wasn't for all those beautiful things you can have through those holes, i guess i wouldn't even think about having someone put a needle through my hearingdevices...

Sunday, 8 June 2008

cannot lurk forever, bear

you remember my entry about wrestling my own private bear, the exam? in january, i more or less successfully wrestled the first bear, last tuesday it was time for the second. this time, i did wrestle two giants: batman and jane austen, both at the same time!!
that wasn't easy, i can tell you. so much to do, so little time..

anyway, the fight went well and i'm still friends with both of them. the result: 1,3 - which is almost the best grade to get at a german university.