Sunday, 15 June 2008

handcrafted loveliness, part II

another etsy-seller whom i found out about via highfashiongirl was voleurdebijoux, from where i already ordered a piece for myself (picture will follow) and also one for a friend who fell just as much in love with this beautiful handmade jewellery as i did.

the shipping was really fast, the transfer easy and the communication really nice. i do recommend this online-shop with all my heart.

here are some of my favourites on picture (the ones i couldn't afford to buy right now..)

Edelina Boho Chic Green Quartz Leaf Necklace

just think, to have an octopus around your neck...

i am really intrigued by the red vintage-glass things there are... especially the earrings. the problem would be though, that i don't have any holes in my ears to put rings through.

still, i'm thinking about getting my ears pierced. maybe. perhaps. if it wasn't for all those beautiful things you can have through those holes, i guess i wouldn't even think about having someone put a needle through my hearingdevices...


Voleurdebijoux said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful support and for featuring me in your fabulous blog!! I really appreciate it!!

Have a wonderful day!! :)

Anonymous said...

theyre all so cute! gorgeous!

Pixi said...

Ohhh men det känns knappt när de gör det ,o det e så värt det att hänga dessa vackra ting på sej !!vet inte om du e svensk så jag översätter det!

Ohhh but you hardly feel it when they pierced your ears,and they don´t put needles through yours hearing devices,hehee..only the ear loob!!haha..And it´s so worth it to have those beutiful things on you!! You only must ,you owe it to the earrings!!!

fröken lila said...

@ pixi: jag är inte svensk, men talar svenska i alla fall =) undervisar till och med!

i am not swedish, but i speak swedish anyway.

i guess i really should go and get my ears pierced, maybe the next time my boyfriend is in town so he can hold my hand... and yes, those earrings would be definitely worth it..

Grace said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! And I'm glad you liked voleurdebijoux. Her stuff is the best!