Friday, 27 February 2009


this skirt is amazing. it keeps me from freezing my kidneys and i can have all my lovely short bolero-cardigans with it. it looks almost like a dress and makes my short legs look longer than they are and even though the length might be rather suboptimal and i can only wear it with heels, i love it dearly.

in december/january i searched all h&m stores in hamburg and lüneburg and it was sold out everywhere. i had wanted it badly for quite some time but told myself it should be a treat to myself after i finish my last essay. well. luckily, i found it here in oslo, without any bigger problems, and the same day they had this 20%off thing going. so. now i'm happy.

t-shirt and skirt: h&m
tights: strauss
shoes: deichmann

spot the fly

my favourite person in the world got me a spotify account, and two days ago i finally got around to ask him how this thing works. it's as almost as easy as eating or sleeping, so now i'm sitting and searching it for music and making playlists. instead of viewing costume dramas which is what i should be doing right now. alternatively reading roland barthes. but.

i'll do that after i packed for the weekend. we are going to sweden, visit his family.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


these businessmen appeared sometime during my second working pass as a volunteer for by:larm at hotel royal christiania where we had our check-in desks. i don't know what they wanted there, but they sure lifted my spirits!

pictures from -across my universe

Monday, 23 February 2009

danceable danceable

saturday was my second night out on by:larm. the festival was spread out over at least 20 different locations mostly in central oslo and each show lasted for maybe 30minutes, some a little longer, some a little shorter. most of the venues are quite close to each other, so i got the possibility to experience some of oslo's most famous clubs and stages: rockefeller, sentrum scene, john dee and blå. i would have liked to go to stratos and mono as well, but couldn't find the time on either friday or saturday, but as there are free shows each sunday night at mono i hope i can induce a. to go there with me some sunday soon.

anyways, i enjoyed saturday night as much as friday. after a nice dinner at home i went to see a norwegian band called "bergtatt". their music is best described as "medieval folklore rock" which is something i like a lot and they were great to listen to.
afterwards i went to the congress center and saw two danish bands which were quite alright but i already forgot their names and am too lazy to look them up. then a young all-women band from norway, "norma sass" entered the stage and they were such a treat!

they had those lovely pretty bouquets of artificial flowers on their instruments which was the dot on the i, and they displayed such an energy! you'd believe they had played together much longer than they actually have, and i guess things will go well for them...

after their show i went to catch a few minutes with titiyo, which was a bit disappointing. she seemed rather bored and there weren't too many people at the show... anyways, the evening closed as best as it could, as i met up with a friend to go and see "whitest boy alive", erlend øyes project after "kings of convenience". they were amazing and danceable and the club was packed with people to an extend that it was almost too much for me (i can get light panick-attacks in places with too many people), but luckily the room features some stairs and i was standing on top of them and had a great view.

erlend øye was really sweet, he never seems to know what to do with his long arms and legs, and the music was enchanting.

looking back, even though the working was a bit exhausting at times, volunteering for by:larm was probably the best idea i've had in quite some time. free shows for two evenings and new friends, what more could one wish for?

by the way

my favourite person in the world took this picture some day last week:

anybody notice anything??

skirt: ebay
blouse and pullover: zara
belt: thrifted

Saturday, 21 February 2009

detectives from karlstad

on tuesday, thursday and friday i worked with the check-in of delegates for the by:larm music festival here in oslo. i got to know some really nice people that way, which i am really thankful for. even though i was pretty tired after my 9 hour shift yesterday i met up with one of the other girls from the check-in team to go to a few of the concerts, and i am so happy i went and didn't give in for my tiredness.
i guess a lot of you like the music from the amélie movie, right? the first show i saw yesterday was "detektivbyrån" from karlstad in sweden, and they play the most amazing, amélie-inspired music:

i didn't actually see much of the show as there were a lot of really large people directly in front of me, but the little i saw was fantastic. i've never seen anybody play like the guy at the accordion!

afterwards we continued to another place to see swedish singer frida hyvönen, who impressed me just as much as detektivbyrån:

her music seems almost twisted to me, the words especially, and i love her attitude.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

knitting needles

yesterday i realized that probably the only thing that's cheaper in norway than in germany must be wool. all the sheep here, you know. so, in order to do something creative with my hands i decided to order this lovely, hopefully easy, vintage pattern for a nice little knitted cape from etsy:

i hope it will arrive soon in my email, so that i can go and chose some nice wool and the right needles.. i thought of a dark red, what do you think?
this way i'll have something to do while my favourite person in the world is sitting in front of this computering machine in the evenings =)

the 6th picture

now even this tag that's been haunting the international blogworld reached me: ung farbror tagged me to go to the 6th folder in my pictures and post the 6th picture form that folder. well. the difficulty witht his tag is that i don't use "my pictures". and as i am at the moment not even sitting at my own computer, things didn't get easier.. so, instead i took the 6th picture-containing folder on my portable harddisc and took the 6th picture:

this is the hostel in prague where a and i stayed during our eastern europe holidaytrip 2007. the beds were horrible (ever slept on 3 small matresses next to each other instead of one large one? i cannot recommend it..), the kitchen even more so and the temperatures were not to my liking either. but, it was a lot of fun also.

here is a picture of me on the train to prague back then:

now i'll go and do some baking.
i do tag friederike (yes!!) and everyone else who hasn't been tagged yet (boring, i know..)

Monday, 16 February 2009

in my book

i got tagged by a new acquaintance of mine, neniel.
the task is to take a book lying around, open page 123, find sentence nr 5 and post the three following sentences:

To work in his garden was one of his most respectable pleasures; and Elizabeth admired the command of countenance with which Charlotte talked of the healthfulness of the exercise, and owned she encouraged it as much as possible. Here, leading the way through every walk and cross walk, and scarcely allowing them an interval to utter the praises he asked for, every view was pointed out with a minuteness which left beauty entirely behind. H could number the fields in every direction, and could tell how many trees were in the most distant clump.

of course this is from jane austen's pride and prejudice, which is lying around simply because i am studying it for my thesis..
oh, and i tag lovely dotti in munich where i hope there is as much snow as here in oslo...

Thursday, 5 February 2009

festival festival

next week i'll finally be off to oslo once again, and, to my great pleasure, i recieved notice that i will have the opportunity to work as a volunteer at norway's biggest music festival for (new and young) nordic bands and artists, by:larm.

i'll help at the check-in which i hope will be a lot of fun and seeing lots and lots of faces. i also hope to be able to cope with the norwegian language, which i at times understand quite well and at times not at all. when i'm not working i'll have the possibility to take part in dozens of seminars (i saw that there'll be one on file-sharing and copyright for example) and, the most important thing of all, see concerts.

most of the artists i actually haven't heard of before except titiyo, whom i do hope i will be able to see. i still remember one evening during my last scool years when i was babysitting and watching mtv and saw her video for "come along":

i still think it is amazing with it's mixture of cyberpunk and western.
i also remember her cooperation with kleerup which is so fantastically danceable, "longing for lullabies":