Thursday, 5 February 2009

festival festival

next week i'll finally be off to oslo once again, and, to my great pleasure, i recieved notice that i will have the opportunity to work as a volunteer at norway's biggest music festival for (new and young) nordic bands and artists, by:larm.

i'll help at the check-in which i hope will be a lot of fun and seeing lots and lots of faces. i also hope to be able to cope with the norwegian language, which i at times understand quite well and at times not at all. when i'm not working i'll have the possibility to take part in dozens of seminars (i saw that there'll be one on file-sharing and copyright for example) and, the most important thing of all, see concerts.

most of the artists i actually haven't heard of before except titiyo, whom i do hope i will be able to see. i still remember one evening during my last scool years when i was babysitting and watching mtv and saw her video for "come along":

i still think it is amazing with it's mixture of cyberpunk and western.
i also remember her cooperation with kleerup which is so fantastically danceable, "longing for lullabies":


Cathy Voyage said...


Elli said...

Ach wie geil!!!
Genau nach Come along habe ich Ewigkeiten gesucht..wusste bloß den Titel und den Namen der Sängerin nicht mehr...Halleluja!

Und vielen Dank für deinen lieben Post bei mir :)

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

Hoppas att du får det trevligt i Oslo och att skridskorna passar!

The Clothes Horse said...

That sounds fun. I've never actually been to a music festival...they always seem like a lot of fun.

yiqin; said...

Great vids! Festivals here are really rare :(

Little Peaché said...

Sv: Självklart ska man klä sig i det man trivs bäst i men det finns ju människor som har tappat bort sig och klär sig efter gammal vana och faktiskt mår dåligt av hur de klär sig.

Trevlig helg på dig!


Little Peaché said...

Sv: Precis! Man måste tvinga sig till att tänka positivt och faktiskt göra det bästa av situationen!

Kram på dig

fröken lila said...

@ cathy: danke! ich freu mich wirklich sehr darauf!!

@ elli: was für ein glück! aber das internet ist ja auch wirklich des zufalls bester freund =)

@ glamour och fläskpannkaka: jag hoppas mest att de kommer med posten i tid innan jag áker iväg!! men ja, det ska bli kul i oslo.. tack!

@ the clothes horse: this music festival is not like the huge open air festivals during summer here in europe, it is spread over venues all over oslo.. but it'll be a lot of fun, especially the working there!

@ yiqin: i actually don't go to festivals that often, but this one is going to be fun. there won't be hundreds of thousands of people on one spot but people will be spread out over the whole town, which will make it more accessible and a bit less frightening than all those summer open air festivals...

Hippy Chic said...

Volunteering is the way to go at Festivals, I'm sure you will have so much fun!! The music you shared is great, I really enjoyed the 2nd song, so danceable!

nuvonova said...

Sounds wonderful... you must take lots of photos if you get the chance!

Mallis said...

Åh vad kul att det blev av till slut!

Vill se bilder.:)


fröken lila said...

@ hippy chic: thanks for your comment! i love her voice, it'll be great to see her live..

@ nuvonova: i will, i promise!

@ mallis: visst ska jag ta bilder! det är lite tid kvar till festivalen, men jag ser sáá mycket framemot det!

A red lipstick said...

Oslo is my hometown! If you have some time to walk around and look at the city and the people there you really should go to Grünerløkka. Lykke til med å forstå norsk! Håper du får en bra reise :)

Mallis said...

Hehe kul att få så långväga besök.

Det ligger under Hjo kommun på, Fredstorp Björkkullen, Bjärg.

Finns massor bilder där.

Neniel said...

Du bekommst ein Stöckchen von mir:
So geht's:
1. Nehme dir ein Buch in deiner Nähe, welches mindestens 123 Seiten hat.
2. Schlage die Seite 123 auf.
3. Suche den 5 Satz
4. Poste die nächsten drei Sätze.
5. wirf das Stöckchen weiter.

ganz lieber Gruß von Kati.
Mein Blog:

Little Peaché said...

Om det är någon särskild du vill ha så kan jag kolla om den finns i butik, sen sätter du in pengar på mitt konto och så skickar jag den till dig.

Men det är bara om du vill.

Kram på dig

Little Peaché said...

Sv: Jag hoppas också vi får en lång tid ihop framöver!

Kram på dig

Little Rascal said...

I thought about one of those songs the other day when I saw how long my fringe had become. :D

I read in Tant Marits blog that your going to Karlstad in March!
I grew up there!
You have to tell me how it was!
Me and my man is going there in August to see my dad for a week. :)