Monday, 30 November 2009

blog break

until i have handed in my thesis in two weeks i take a little break from blogging (as you probably have noticed).

here is a brilliant electro version with a brilliant video of one of my favourite swedish songs, "jag ger dig min morgon" - kite with "i give you the morning"

Sunday, 15 November 2009


i do wear jeans sometimes. not often, but every now and then. this was the end of october.

jeans: voice of europe
longarmed t-shirt: new yorker
white top: h&m
belt: diesel
bangle: accessorize
scarf: vintage
boots: vagabond

Friday, 13 November 2009

lila boots

i'm selling a pair of lila vintage winter boots on ebay, the auction ends on sunday:

they are extremely comfortable, very pretty and really warm. real, very soft leather with lovely details. size 38, fits a 37 as well. and i do ship to all of europe.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


at the moment i'm not good for anything. i'm deep inside my master's thesis and even though i read my daily blogroll more or less regularly i can't really find the time to write anything myself.

however. there is something i found today. it all started when evis posted about a second, collective, blog she contributes to now. modearkivet. it's a swedish blog about fashion, and it's definitely not your usual fashionblog. it's about fashion in terms of research, in terms of fashion studies, in terms of reviews on books about fashion. since my thesis has a lot to do with exactly this, guess who got excited!

anyways, modearkivet just offered a preview about this brandnew bi-annual fashion magazin. vestoj. and no, this is not your usual fashion magazine. this is serious stuff for us who are interested in fashion as an academic subject, not fashion as in shopping. it plans to be a bridge between academia and the fashion industries. it's not about the latest fashion shows in i-dont-know-where, but why are fashion shows important and how have they changed during time and what does that say about the fashion industry. (this is an example made up by me and has nothing to do with the exact contents of the magazine.) they have a manifesto and an article by elizabeth wilson, who is something like the bill gates of fashion studies.

and you can buy it on the net. here at papercutshop. klick on "tidningar" and then you'll see it already. they ship internationally for 25 swedish kronor. i already ordered it.

picture from here.