Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ebay, again

slowly and steadily i'm selling off more stuff on ebay.

amongst other things

a pair of highwaisted monki-jeans (size 30/30), very slim around the legs but supposed to be worn a little boyfriend-style at the hips, they were originally sized 28/30. they fit slim around the hips at size 30/30.

a pair of &now-jeans by h&m (size 30/30), highwaisted, bootcut. perfekt 70s-look.

a pair of vagabond pumps size 38

a vintage dress size 36

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

where the wild things are

we all probably know by now that spike jonze's new movie "where the wild things are" is going to hit the cinemas at one point or another, depending on where in europe you are, in december before christmas.

as we also probably all know by now, fake fur seems to be this autumn and winter's big must have.

opening ceremony apparently thought it was a brilliant idea to combine film and fashion, and just launched a line with loads of furry dresses, coats and of course the little boy's lovely pyjamas-suit. i think the idea is really cute and very inspirational, and even though i consider the line absolutely overprized, i think that the one or other piece could serve very well as inspiration for a pretty diy.

here are my favourites:

puffy fluffy skirt. this would probably be what i'd try to do as a diy.

big vest. fake fur on both sides. warm and cosy.

this suit looks just so comfy and cosy. i guess i wouldn't freeze anymore on winter evenings..

a fleecy and pretty curly miniskirt. i wonder if they have curly fake fur at my local fabric store?

Monday, 28 September 2009

election day

yesterday was a beautiful day with sunshine and warmth, so i decided to walk to the elections, cast my vote and then sit in the park for an hour or two and finish my book - elizabeth gaskell's wives and daughters which i recommend very very much to anybody who likes jane austen.

this is what i wore:

dress: h&m
cardigan: vila
tights: strauss
shoes: friis and company via ebay

though for the walk i changed into more comfortable shoes (swedish hasbeens):

Sunday, 27 September 2009

shopping ban, week four

another week is past (7€) and after having saved up a little from last week (20,70) plus selling a blouse on ebay (3,40) plus getting back some money from the german tax department (29€) i had a little more (alltogether 60,10) to spend than the previous weeks.

i should have loved to be able to buy this amazing pair of suede pumps by minimarket, but them still being way out of my budget i contented myself with this pair by friis and company (via ebay) for 30€:

they are shaped in a similar way and even though they aren't suede and don't have this cool zipper-detail they have a pretty fringed detailing instead, and i like them a lot.

and i got this pretty shirtdress with little flowers from h&m, for 15€

i got it cheaper than the retail-prize because the right pocket was attached on the outside instead of the inside of the dress. i had no problem removing it, and now the dress is just waiting to be sewn together again where the pocket was.

i'm very content with this week's purchases and will go into next week with 15,10€ (plus 7) on my budget.

Friday, 25 September 2009

grey leather II

i'm still very much into grey leather. this time, it's suede.

shoes: topshop, shallow (picture from

bag: jimmy choo for h&m, out in november in selected stores and will cost a fortune. i wish i could find something similar for a little (ok, a lot) cheaper. a simple big grey suede bag with long handles and zipper closure. that can't be too hard, right? (picture via

ok, this is not grey but black. i just couldn't find a nice grey suede skirt, so i thought this would do nicely in the meantime. h&m divided exclusive, should be out now (and can be found on and their webshop, where the picture is from as well).

i just wish i wasn't a poor student.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

oh so tired

after two days of hard work at a fair and very little sleep i needed a day off my thesis to get myself together again and also to fix my bike which has had broken breaks and a flat tyre (yes, today i learned how to fix a tyre and i am very proud of that!). those two days raised good money, some of which will go into my clothes-fund, though i haven't decided yet how much of it. i'll do that when it's arrived on my account. no use spending money you don't have yet, right?

i do have a couple of outfit pictures left which i haven't posted yet, and thought i'd post them now, as i don't have anything better to do.

11th of september:

skirt: h&m trend via ebay
top: monki
cardigan: zara
belt, bag and necklace: vintage
tights: gina tricot
shoes: dna

17th of september:

dress: h&m altered by me
cardigan: kenvelo
belt: monki
scarf: vintage
tights: strauss
shoes: h&m

Saturday, 19 September 2009

last week's fleamarket finds

last weekend i went to two fleamarkets. there are four alltogether this month in my town - evenly distributed over two saturdays. apparently the organisers can't talk to each other when setting the dates, thus creating some kind of business competition which is only stressfull to everyone involved, especially the customers...

anyways, this is what i came home with:

two great brown leather bags

an oversize pullover in dusty rose

girl's books from the 50s

a lovely glassbowl

children's-dresshangers from the 50s

also i got this pair of 70s suede boots which i am selling at ebay as they turned out to be a little on the small side of my size...

shopping ban, week three

week three of the shopping ban is over, and i'm proud to say, i haven't spent a penny on clothing this week. feels great!

apart from not spending anything, i raised some money through renting out my two dirndl-dresses. some friends to the daughter of a good friend of mine needed them for an oktoberfest- theme-party and i was happy to oblige for 5 euro per dress.. i mean, it's a great deal for them as they don't have to buy a new dress and for me because it gets me 10 euro extra on my clothing budget!

this said, with this week's budget, plus what was left from last week, that makes a budget of 20,70 to add to next week's budget of 7 euro. yeah!

dirty dancing

i always cry when i see this movie.

as youtube has deactivated embedding for the final dancing scene in the movie, here's the link.

and i always cry when i hear this song.

life always feels extra tragic and dancing extra beautiful. tango, anyone?

Friday, 18 September 2009


in connection with the shopping ban i went through my stuff and sorted out a bunch of things which i will list on ebay during the upcoming days and weeks...

here is what i already put up:

green 70s weekend travelbag

mod-inspired raspberryred blouse by h&m size 36

white t-shirt with gingham collar size s

mint condition 70s mossgreen suede winterboots size 37

i do ship throughout europe - except the bag which would be too expensive to ship - so contact me in case you're interested in bidding

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


for lack of posting this week. i know i have promised another part of my oslo series including a give-away, but right now some personal stuff is taking too much of my time and, above all, energy. so there is the oslo post waiting, a post on my latest fleamarket finds and a half written review on tarantino's inglorious basterds. i do hope i can take care of those at the end of the week.

also, i got a rather harsh negative - and of course anonymous - comment on one of my outfits, which, in my current state of mind, was not really helpful (though i usually appreciate critique) and which kind of took the joy of posting outfits away. i do have a few outfit pictures on the computer, but i don't feel like posting them right now. maybe next week. next week will surely be a better week than this one.

now i'll go and see dirty dancing, cry my eyes out and eat a huge amount of chocolate.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

shopping ban, week two

week two of the shopping ban is over. as you maybe remember, i didn't spend any money in week one, leaving me with 14euro to spend in week two. i am proud to be able to say that i did not spend the whole amount.

this is what i bought:

a lovely pair of tights at hm, divided to be exact. ca 6,40euro (they had this 20%off one item if you buy two. i bought something very cheap for someone special. i kind of started christmas-shopping early this year. which i try to do every year, and almost always fail. but this year i'll succeed in not having to buy any presents the week before christmas!).

a dress which i already own in brown, from orsay. 4,90euro (crazy sale, i bought the brown one for the real prize this summer and paid almost 30euro..). i bought this on thursday when i really wasn't doing well. retail therapy.. anyways, i'm not sure about the colour, and will probably dye it either dark blue or purple.

so, out of 14euro i spent 11,30, leaving 3,70 to take into next week.

carte noire literature

do you like literature? and do you like other people reading it aloud to you?

yesterday i stumbled over a british coffee brand's homepage featuring a brilliant marketing idea. they offer videoclips in the length of your usual coffeebreak with three amazing british actors reading the best love-scenes of classical history. you can chose between alltogether 27 different pieces, and there's more to come.

how about dan stevens (he played hildegard knef's husband in "hilde" and edward ferrars in the newest "sense and sensibility") read you a moving bit of middlemarch?

greg wise offers, amongst others, a reading of THE letter in persuasion: "i can listen in silence no more. i must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. you pierce my soul. i am half agony, half hope..."

or how about dominic west reading mr.darcy's proposal and elizabeth bennet's rejection?

you can find all of the reading's on carte noire's homepage - enjoy!


after successfully missing my blog's first aniversary (the second is soon to come and i guess i'll miss it again), and several other occasions to celebrate (such as the 250th post) i'm happy to announce that this is my 300th post on this blog! i can't believe it's that many already! so thanks to everybody out there for reading and commenting and supporting! it's a lot of fun doing this blog, and even though i'm not the most regular post-writer there is, i'm glad you're coming back whenever there is something new from me!

also, i thought that this occasion might be a great possibility to do my first ever little give-away, which will take place tomorrow in connection with my oslo series.

picture taken by my favourite person in the world.

Saturday, 12 September 2009


this is my favourite austen. at least, my favourite austen novel. when it comes to adaptation i really couldn't decide at the moment. but this scene always makes me cry, it's so beautiful...

i know sally hawkins is not pretty, but rupert penry-jones is handsome for two, and the music cannot be described other than enchanting.

Friday, 11 September 2009

vintage outfits

yesterday was probably the worst day in a really long time for me, starting with a dream that scared me (do you know that feeling when you wake up and had a weird dream and the feeling of the dream lingers on the whole day, kind of toning everything down?) quite a bit. then i got this bad headache and decided to stay home for the day. i called my collegue to ask some things about my upcoming swedish course which she is coordinating and she told me that - after a lot of struggle to have me teach that course - it might be taken from me anyway, for some stupid, absolutely non-plausible reason which our boss gave her. it's a really complicated situation which i don't want to go into, but this news ruined the rest of my already not fun day.. oh, and you know, when you think things can't get any worse and you put in that dvd which you have been looking forward to see, guess what happens. of course the dvd is broken. today can only be better.

so, there's no outfit from yesterday, but tuesday and wednesday both qualify for dotti's little vintage-outfit-themed giveaway, as both of them kind of are my favourite vintage dresses at the moment (i really can't decide which one i prefer, the decision is so hard!!).


dress: vintage
belt: ? (maybe vintage, maybe retro, don't know)
bag: vintage
necklace: present from my favourite person
shoes: h&m


dress: vintage
cardigan: h&m
bag: vintage
necklace (not visible): vintage, via etsy
shoes: swedish hasbeens

Monday, 7 September 2009

fröken lila's oslo: Birkelunden

part three of my little oslo series! this time i thought i'd present you the best fleamarket in town, at birkelunden which is very close to that vintage-paradise street markveien in grünerløkka (actually, it lies at its parallel street, thorvald meyers gate, in a little park).

it is an open air market taking place every sunday from around noon till late in the afternoon, all year round. you can find records, old norwegian books, cool kitchenware, vintage and other used clothing, shoes and loads of nice and expensive vintage porcelain.

i've been there once until now and am sad that i didn't find out about it any sooner, for even though it is not the cheapest fleamarket in the world it is really cool and absolutely worth visiting. most people selling there know what their stuff is worth, so you really won't make a huge amount of bargains, but you can always haggle a little and find the one or other steal...

apart from this fleamarket, there is one at the other end of town, at vestkanttorvet, but i've never been there. most fleamarkets in oslo are usually organized by schools and you have to check on the internet when there is one to be. i've been to one and was rather disappointed as it was a lot of chaos and not really nicely organized. so if you love fleamarkets, birkelunden is your place to be in oslo!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

shopping ban, week one

so, the first week of my selfprescribed shopping ban (on clothes) is over, and i did very well: i didn't buy anything. so i do feel a little proud now. this also means that i might spend the double amount this week in case i want to. not sure i want that right now, as the not buying anything at all feels quite good right now (though this might change).instead of buying clothing, i took out one of the dresses from the "to alter"-pile and took it in a little so now it fits. great!

i also did do a little more thinking around my shopping ban after reading this very inspiring post on air stands still. i did come up with a few important thoughts. since i write this blog, i have become more conscious about my own style, by reflecting about what i wear and how i wear it. this made me more secure in my choices of dress, but also gave me freedom to experiment more, both of which led to buying more clothes than i have ever done before. partly i see this being part of an important process, but it has become too much now, and i feel that i need to do a lot of reflecting about my own shopping behaviour and about what i really need in terms of clothes.

there are two more things which i haven't written about yet, connected with this shopping ban. the first thing is that i have a huge pile of unused clothes which don't fit and need alteration, and i have a huge pile of fabric waiting to be turned into something pretty and wearable, and i have loads of ideas and nice patterns. i want both of those piles to shrink during the upcoming months. actually the first step has already been taken, which is good.

the second thing i realized is that i miss going to the cinema. i don't really know how it came that buying clothes became actually more important to me than going to the cinema (though i do have a feeling that it might have to do with this blog), but i do know that it doesn't feel good. cinema is important for me. i have seen myself as a cineast for quite some time, and now please don't ask me how i can be a cineast without visiting the associated institution. so.
i have resolved to spend a little of the money i'll save on this great institution and go there once a week to see a great piece of audiovisual work. i have done so during the last two weeks and seen both tarantino's new masterpiece "inglorious basterds" and a great and very moving piece called "my sister's keeper". on the upcoming schedule i have "julie & julia" (tuesday) and "coco avant chanel" which i still haven't seen but will this wednesday.

i really hope that this shopping less experience will do me good. i really hope so.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

red, grey and black

those two days were certainly very different in terms of outfit-appearance, but apparently different shades of red and grey were what served as outfit-inspiration on both days...


dress: gina tricot, altered by me
jacket: h&m
tights: ?
necklace: nuvonova on etsy
bag: vintage
shoes: deichmann


skirt, tights and longarmed t-shirt: h&m
top: fleamarket
belt: vero moda
necklace: made by me
shoes: topshop via ebay

Friday, 4 September 2009


a few days back my last purchase from before the shopping ban arrived in my mailbox. you know how half the blogosphere is kind of wild about those carrie-style name-necklaces? well, i don't like them too much, though i do like the idea of having jewelry with your initials, so this is what the little package from london contained:

an adorable vintage heart-necklace with my initial L (for lila, of course =)! i have already worn it on several occasions, and am really quite in love with it. it came in a lovely little cotton canvas-pouch with a matching print, so it can never get lost!

i bought the necklace from nuvonova on etsy, and there are some other initals left, though none of the L-ones, as i got the last one..
apart from those necklaces, nuvonova (coming from a combination of art nuveau and nova, the star, two things that owner and designer clara loves) offers, amongst other things, some other absolute bestsellers:

handmade and -printed pouches, both customized after your own wishes or with clara's wonderful designs such as those roses in every possible colour, or also - behold, december is approaching quickly! - a set of 24 for your christmas calender.

and wonderful handmade ribbon bound notebooks, also with clara's wonderful designs (and i think she could do them customized as well, if you wish it) featuring a stilized swan, flamingo, art nuveau doll or even her signature design, the flapper girl (which you can see in the uppermost picture).

apart from etsy-ing, clara works as a fashion design assistant (exciting!), collects art in the form of ACEOs and also writes a blog which is very well worth reading.. i do hope you stop over both at her blog and her etsy-store! clara always has new projects for her store going on, so every now and then there are pleasant surprising new things to be had (the last one were, guess what? - the necklaces..)...

Thursday, 3 September 2009


just discovered:


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

last days of summer

i believe these days really were the last days of this summer, it's raining tonight and i fear autumn is approaching quicker than i like it. this is what i wore during the last two days:

yesterday (monday):

dress and bag: vintage
tights: lilliput
belt: vero moda
shoes: bronx

the dress i wore today was bought two years ago when my favourite person in the world visited me here in germany. he really liked it and it's kind of shameful to admit that it hasn't gotten a lot of wear since then, only two or three times. last summer it had somehow gotten a lot smaller and i couldn't even close it (weird, it seems to have gotten larger again now..), and it's just not suitable for any kind of weather which requires tights.

so when i rediscovered it today i was really glad that it fit again and that it was warm enough to wear it. actually, two or three degrees less wouldn't have hurt either..

dress: h&m
belt: monki
necklace: vintage nuvonova through etsy
bag: vintage
shoes: bronx