Friday, 11 September 2009

vintage outfits

yesterday was probably the worst day in a really long time for me, starting with a dream that scared me (do you know that feeling when you wake up and had a weird dream and the feeling of the dream lingers on the whole day, kind of toning everything down?) quite a bit. then i got this bad headache and decided to stay home for the day. i called my collegue to ask some things about my upcoming swedish course which she is coordinating and she told me that - after a lot of struggle to have me teach that course - it might be taken from me anyway, for some stupid, absolutely non-plausible reason which our boss gave her. it's a really complicated situation which i don't want to go into, but this news ruined the rest of my already not fun day.. oh, and you know, when you think things can't get any worse and you put in that dvd which you have been looking forward to see, guess what happens. of course the dvd is broken. today can only be better.

so, there's no outfit from yesterday, but tuesday and wednesday both qualify for dotti's little vintage-outfit-themed giveaway, as both of them kind of are my favourite vintage dresses at the moment (i really can't decide which one i prefer, the decision is so hard!!).


dress: vintage
belt: ? (maybe vintage, maybe retro, don't know)
bag: vintage
necklace: present from my favourite person
shoes: h&m


dress: vintage
cardigan: h&m
bag: vintage
necklace (not visible): vintage, via etsy
shoes: swedish hasbeens


Maria Amelie said...

Bad days are not good, but than you can think about what you have.You are still alive, pretty and your loved are as well. So it is maybe that bad day after all? :-)Nice outfits! Hope the weekend will be great!

Jenna said...

die kleider sind toll, besonders das zweite!

Betty Lou said...

älskar den blåa klänningen! och bältet passar utmärkt till. har problem att hitta bälten till mina klänningar, allt är typ i guld och jag gillar inte det.

usch, jag vet precis hur du känner dig. sådana drömmar är vidriga. förstör verkligen hela dagen. får hoppas du får några goda nyheter snart som väger upp allt.

kram och ha en trevlig helg

Ni-chan said...

Schöne Kleider sind das. Vor allem das erste gefällt mir richtig richtig gut!

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

Vilka söta klänningar!
ha en bra helg!

Anonymous said...

Ich tröste mich nach schlimmen Tagen immer damit, dass es dann eigentlich fast nur noch besser werden kann :).

anika said...

vielen dank für deinen unterstützenden kommentar, hab ich mich wirklich drüber gefreut. :) und naja, immer kann man das gesunde essen wohl auch nicht durchhalten. aber ich werd schauen, dass ich es so gut es geht, schaffe. :)

laura said...

oh, die sind beide wirklich toll!

PinkBow said...

aw, i hope your day got better :) cute outfits anyway!

Dallas Shaw said...

two great looks.