Sunday, 27 September 2009

shopping ban, week four

another week is past (7€) and after having saved up a little from last week (20,70) plus selling a blouse on ebay (3,40) plus getting back some money from the german tax department (29€) i had a little more (alltogether 60,10) to spend than the previous weeks.

i should have loved to be able to buy this amazing pair of suede pumps by minimarket, but them still being way out of my budget i contented myself with this pair by friis and company (via ebay) for 30€:

they are shaped in a similar way and even though they aren't suede and don't have this cool zipper-detail they have a pretty fringed detailing instead, and i like them a lot.

and i got this pretty shirtdress with little flowers from h&m, for 15€

i got it cheaper than the retail-prize because the right pocket was attached on the outside instead of the inside of the dress. i had no problem removing it, and now the dress is just waiting to be sewn together again where the pocket was.

i'm very content with this week's purchases and will go into next week with 15,10€ (plus 7) on my budget.


Svenja said...

Süßes Kleid, das kann man ja fast das ganze Jahr tragen.
Ich freue mich immer, wenn ich einen Fehler an einem Keidungsstück entdecke und es dann billiger bekomme. Besonders bei second hand Käufen habe ich da schon eine Menge gespart. Wenn man es dann selbst repariert hat, mag man das Stück gleich nochmal so gerne.
Die Schuhe sind lustig, die von Minimarket finde ich aber auch ein wenig charmanter.

Pappelschnee said...

Die Schuhe sind toll, will ich auch... Leider erst nach dem 15.11., meine ShoppingDiät läuft gut, bisher nicht schwach geworden :)

Porcelain Blonde said...

I admire your resolve and strength with your shopping ban! :)

The shoes are very cute and very much like those beauties with the zips <3 xxx

Dotti said...

Schnuckelig, die Look alike Schuhe! Ich erinnere mich als ob's gestern gewesen wär, dass du so für sie schwärmtest... Ich freue mich für dich! Busserl.