Saturday, 23 April 2011

three finds

this spring has been really lucky for me when it comes to fleamarkets and thrifting opportunities. maybe it's because i became more interested in actually researching the when and where and what i'd like to spend on which kinds of items, which led to reading more blogs about vintage furniture and interior design and things like this. which in turn led to me being more informed and more specific about what i want and what i am willing to pay.

i found an old beat up trumpet perfect for decorating the living room - for 100kr it was mine and i think that was a fair price.

in norway, traditionally most fleamarkets take place in schools and are organized by the school band. everyone can donate old stuff and on one weekend in spring and one in autumn you can come back and buy everything for random prices (at least they seem random and depend largely on when you buy and with whom you pay - some parents really don't have a clue and others know very well the worth of the items they are selling). the trumpet above was reasonably priced, but the man selling it to me could have just as well said 50 or 500kr - you just never know before asking.

fee was very happy about finding her pretty yellow olympia typewriter for 4eur at the fleamarket - i think my dove blue brother de luxe for 50kr is just as perfect. i guess it comes from the 1950s, and since it is norwegian it has all the fancy strange letters, but no exclamation mark!

last but not least, i found a really cool lamp to use as a reading light in the evening. those fleamarkets are very well organized, so i could try it out to see how it works before i bought it. isn't the colour brilliant?

these were three of my of my larger finds this spring, and i think they fit just fine into our new apartment...

Friday, 22 April 2011

a sunday outfit

i finally got around taking an outfit picture in the new apartment last sunday. it took me a while to find a spot that has ok lighting and is not too crowded by boxes and stuff. in the background you can see our wonderful new-to-us ikea expedit. it showcases our books and dvds and some of my fleamarket finds, while at the same time hiding the computer/workspace my favourite person in the world wanted to have for himself. which is really ok with me - i prefer to sit at the table on the other side of the room.

skirt: only
white top and blazer: h&m
tights: lindex
boots: don't remember (i bought them in a fancy shoestore in lüneburg a couple of years ago)

Thursday, 21 April 2011


it was my birthday last saturday, and i invited some friends over for breakfast. having a breakfastparty is something i really love doing - no trouble with neighbours, it's easy to prepare and always appreciated by the guests who get a fancy meal before heading for work or whatever else they have planned for the day...

i got lots of flowers and other nice presents - a pressure cooker from my parents (practical!), some kusmi tea (anastasia, delicious!) and best of all, a boat trip to copenhagen in the beginning of may!!!

by the way, this is not the breakfast from saturday, but the leftovers on sunday morning =) we had carrot cake, rhubarb muffins and fruitsallad (one kiwi was all that was left from that..). and tea and orange juice.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

fjällräven - a green mountain fox

i'm not usually a person wearing a backpack. i have a large one for travelling, but other than that i'm quite happy with my regular handbags. however, i make one exception, and i've talked about getting one of those particular pieces of swedish design-history for more than a year now. the fjällräven kånken.

shotgun-jenna asked, on behalf of online-shop weare, if anyone was interested in reviewing the fjällräven kånken and i jumped at this chance to get one for free. so i gladly say thank you very much, and tell you all that, if you live in austria or my homecountry germany, you can order your very own kånken backpack here (if you live anywhere else, you can do a quick search on the internets to find any alternative sellers for your country). i'll do a wild guess and say that weare probably has the most diverse collection of colours available, at least it seems like it.

i was allowed to pick one of six colours, which wasn't an easy task (especially since my absolute favourites, ox red and brick, were not amongst them) - bright yellow or traditional military green? in the end i picked moss, a light apple green which is probably one of the few colours i don't have in my wardrobe. it will make for interesting outfits, and it surely is another case of instant spring!

the fjällräven kånken really is perfect for such everyday activities as picknicks and thrifting tours - which i have already tested meticulously on an extensive thrifting weekend. you can easily fit a bottle of something, some sandwiches, two glasses and some fruit and a camera in the main compartment. alternatively a couple of books, vintage skirts and a flower pot. the design is classic outdoorsy, with it's boxy form and the round red fox logo on the front. also, very smart, the back padding doubles as a small mat to sit on when you're out and about in the woods and need a little spontanious rest. actually, the only thing i'm missing with this backpack is shoulder padding. i have seen other kånkens with padded shoulder straps, so i'm not sure why this model doesn't feature them.

anyhow. i'm very happy with my kånken and will use it extensively this coming summer. and who knows, i might just go along and get a second one. in some shade of red and with shoulder padding.

Monday, 11 April 2011

new home

we moved. now we have a larger apartment with a real kitchen (as opposed to mini-kitchenette) in a more quiet part of the city. we also have this on the ceiling:

isn't it wonderful? now we'll need to find a lamp worthy of hanging there.

i also got the news today that i will start as an intern at "Film fra Sør", a filmfestival for films from africa, south america and asia. fine things are happening!