Sunday, 29 August 2010

surprise rainshower

today we went for a long walk through the neighbourhood, admiring all the beautiful houses around here. we ended up at the university campus, and when we finally had found a pretty spot for taking an outift shot, it started pouring down. however, a. still snapped a few pictures of me (though rather unsharp..):

dress, scarf and bag: vintage
cardigan: h&m
necklace: etsy
shoes: dinsko

another opera house

the probably best question i got at work this summer was this: do you have a swimmingpool here? at first i just opened my mouth and shut it again and then asked - what? when confronted with the same question once more i couldn't help but say: this is an opera house - but you're welcome to try out the restrooms...

however, when we went to helsinki just a few days later, i of course had to take a look at the opera house there, and couldn't help but think: public bath! with all the white glaced tiles and small square windows it really looks like a swimming pool turned inside out.

some people i met said they didn't like the house, that it was positively ugly. surely it is not as elegant as the opera here in oslo, but i quite liked it, anyways. it has something of an industrial bauhaus feeling, but i also like that it evokes thoughts of greenhouses, these huge ones that were built around 1900 or even earlier, for exhibition of expensive palmtrees and exotic butterflies and birds.

Friday, 27 August 2010

a delicious summer

the most simple things can be the most delicious.

fresh sweat peas from the market in helsinki.

chanterelles directly in front of the summer cottage.

picking your own berries just behind the cottage is so rewarding. i think i picked for half an hour per day. it was like meditation, only better.

also, breakfast is twice as good with fresh blueberries..

Saturday, 7 August 2010

lemon summer chicken

on a really hot day i found this fabulously fresh recipe for a warm chicken sallad in a swedish newspaper. however, i tweaked it a bit to match the contents of my refridgerator and it turned out to be just as delicious as i thought it would:

you need:
olive oil, a little butter, 2 cloves of garlic, two chicken breasts, a handful of sugar snaps. pasta. one red onion, the juice and peel of one lemon, a bunch of parsley. salt, black peppar, thyme.

how to:
cook pasta.
cut the chicken breasts into smaller pieces, press the garlic through a garlic press or chop very fine. fry the chicken with the garlic in a little butter and olive oil, add salt, peppar and thyme (as much as you like). when it's almost done, add the sugar snaps for a minute.
cut the onion into rings, chop the parsley. mix a dressing of lemon peels, lemon juice and some olive oil.
put everything in a large bowl, add dressing, enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


now i'm finally on vacation! when you are reading this, i'll be at my favourite person's family's summerhouse on a small island in sweden, without internet, tv or telephone, but with a huge amount of books, a sauna and hopefully lots of sunshine.

on my last workday at the opera, we took some pictures there in the evening. i wore a new dress (from indiska) and my favourite summer shoes, the swedish hasbeens. later, we went to eat fantastic palestinian food at a really run-down, shabby looking restaurant called habibi.