Sunday, 29 August 2010

another opera house

the probably best question i got at work this summer was this: do you have a swimmingpool here? at first i just opened my mouth and shut it again and then asked - what? when confronted with the same question once more i couldn't help but say: this is an opera house - but you're welcome to try out the restrooms...

however, when we went to helsinki just a few days later, i of course had to take a look at the opera house there, and couldn't help but think: public bath! with all the white glaced tiles and small square windows it really looks like a swimming pool turned inside out.

some people i met said they didn't like the house, that it was positively ugly. surely it is not as elegant as the opera here in oslo, but i quite liked it, anyways. it has something of an industrial bauhaus feeling, but i also like that it evokes thoughts of greenhouses, these huge ones that were built around 1900 or even earlier, for exhibition of expensive palmtrees and exotic butterflies and birds.

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