Thursday, 30 October 2008

brown and lila

just a short post on today's outfit. the dress i haven't worn so far, as i found it too long when i bought it from ebay this summer. i finally got around to shorten it and now i really like it. i should like to find a nice light blue soft cardigan to have with it, or maybe a white one.. i don't like sweaters so much anymore (i love to be able to take of upper layers as easily as possible), so i feel that there is a lack of cardigans in my wardrobe. maybe i should change some of my old sweaters (none of which is light blue) into cardigany, i think i found a how-to somewhere on the net..

also, i haven't gotten around to go to the hairdressers as yet, but will set a date with her tomorrow for next week.

dress: vintage ebay
shirt: passed down by a friend
tights: aldi
boots: esprit, via ebay
belt: thrifted

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

shoe dreams

i have very strong cravings for those shoes right now. i do know that i need a pair of either ankle boots or at least rather closed pumps which i can have during the cold months now when i do not want to walk around in boots, and either of those two pairs would be perfect, especially as i thought i might train my walking on heels a bit more:

this pair i missed soooooo close on ebay (i stole the picture from the auction). they are by topshop and not to be had on their onlinestore anymore, and i didn't dare to lay too much money on them as i do not know how large or small a topshop 5 is in comparison to a "normal" european 38. the problem is, that sometimes i can have a 38 but sometimes it would be slightly too tight or too lose. usually i would ask the seller to measure the inner length of the shoe for me so that i can compare with my foot's length, but this time i forgot to do that in time. well. maybe another time.

this is a pair by buffalo. they do have exactly one pair left in my local goertz dealer, and this one pair is my size. online at goertz they are sold out already. plus, they are on sale (well, which means they are not overexpensive but just expensive). so i thought i'd gamble a bit. let's wait until next month's money arrives on my bankaccount (which should be on monday). if the shoes are still there, i will have to consider very seriously if they are worth it. if they are gone, well, they are gone. i will probably bite my knee but that's life. it's not like i couldn't find any other pair that i might like just the same.

wednesday list nr.2

well. after promising myself so faithfully to do one list each wednesday, i already broke my promise after the first week. to my defense i can only say that that was the day when my favourite person in the world finally arrived here in my town, and we had better things to do than sit in front of the computer. i did get sick also later that day.
but. this is a new week, i am fine and ready to post my weekly list of films and books i saw and read.

- North and South. novel by Elizabeth Gaskell and BBC mini-series from 2004.

i first saw the movie, now i am reading the book. which is a procedure i highly recommend for everybody who does not want to spoil the movie version of a great piece of literature. chances you don't like the movie are much higher if you have read the book first, which is only normal because no actor or place will ever look exactly as you have imagined them while reading. on the other hand, part of the possibility of using your very own imagination gets lost as well. so i guess it depends, but i personally always prefer to see the film first.

the story is set in england, in the middle of the 19th century, and circles around a rather unusual heroine for the time. margarate hale comes from the beautiful south of england and is taken from there to an industrial town in the darker north when her father decides to move. there, she is confronted with work, dirty air and a set of people very different from everybody she ever knew before. her antagonist, or the male hero, is the owner of a cotton manufactory, john thornton.
actually, the whole love story resembles at least in parts very strongly the constellation in austen's pride and prejudice, which i find very interesting, as the setting is so totally different and also some of the main themes of the novel such as issues of faith, social security of the working class and power. the movie features some extremely enchanting pictures and passionate scenes, fantastic victorian costumes and some great acting. i think i have read about one third of the book yet and like it just as much as the mini series, and would like to recommend it very highly to everybody who likes jane austen, the bronte sisters or charles dickens.

- in bruges. when andreas was here, we took the rare opportunity to go to the cinema and watch a movie in the original version with german subtitles. we didn't really know anything about the film, and were positively surprised at how good it actually was. the story is about two assassins, one elderly and one younger, who are being sent to bruges in belgium by their boss. they don't really know why or what they are supposed to do there, it is cold and around christmas and the whole thing is a little surreal. while the elder one of them really enjoys the sightseeing and the fairytale-like atmosphere, the other one gets in touch with a girl who sells drugs and a dwarf who is shooting a movie there.
i won't tell more of the story, but the end is perfect, and all the characters have so much depth, that you feel with them even if you don't really like them. or feel that you really shouldn't like them. anyways, see it, i think it's already out on dvd.

Monday, 27 October 2008

the butterick wraparound dress

finally it is finished. my first dress. the first one sewn by me, will say. and guess who's proud now!!!

i chose a retro pattern (butterick 4790) which i had seen around the web quite a few times, and even after reading what a horrible desaster it might turn out to be, i had set my heart at it and did it. it did NOT turn out a total desaster, but it is not perfect either. i was well prepared by reading this post and all the comments, so i altered a few things. as i am not able (yet) to alter pattern sizes so that they will fit my bodyshape perfectly, i didn't do some things which would have made it fit a bit better, such as shortening the bodice at the correct places, deepening the darts and so on. i guess i also might have made the shoulders a bit smaller.

what i did do was shortening the bodice by sewing the shoulderseams 2cm below the actual line, as otherwise i would have lots of air between my shoulders and the dress. which is what i didn't want. thus, the neckline turned more u-boat-shaped than intended, but i like it that way.

what i also did was shorten the skirt-part. i took away about 14cm when i transferred the pattern to the fabric, and took away 3-4cm more after trying it on for the first time. now it is knee-length which is just perfect for a petite girl like me.

last but not least, and i think this actually is very important for the fit of the dress, i put in a large godet to the front of the lower front skirt. originally, it is supposed to be pencil-shaped, and i think it was thought that as it is not sewn together at the back (but held together with a button), there shouldn't be any problems when walking. but, as i read, there are problems when walking, as the knees somehow push up the front part of the dress, which together with the weight of the full circle skirt pulls down the whole thing backwards, making an awkward fit. so i tried to take away some of that risk by flaring the lower front. i think it helped.

still, i think i wouldn't recommend this pattern for somebody who does not have a somewhat defined waistline. you really need some curves to hold the thing in place, otherwise the above named problem of awkward fit will occur as the full circle skirt needs some support by your curves to sit where it should.

as for the fabric, i used sheets from ikea, called "ofelia skal". it is the prettiest thing in light blue and white with a lovely pattern and a 50s flair to it. it was just perfect for this dress, i think.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

test test test

there hasn't been much posting from my side this week, partly because i was sick and had a fever, partly because my favourite person in the world was here and i was spending all my precious time with him.

even today there won't be much new from me, but i found this little test on various swedish blogs and thought it might be fun to translate it (and of course give you the necessary information about my humble self..):

you have....
(x) mascara for more than 10 eur
( ) this thing you flatten your hair with (please somebody tell me the correct english term?)
( ) a haircurler (if that is the correct term)
( ) designer perfume
( ) foundation for over 20 eur
(x) this thing to make your lashes look perfect (correct term, please??)
(x) several make-up-removing fluids
( ) special hair balsam in a spray-bottle
( ) lipgloss for over 10 eur
( ) deep conditioner for your hair
( ) bodybutter
(x) bodylotion
(x) perfume for more than 30 eur
sum = 5

you ...
( ) use hairstraightener/curler every day
( ) use foundation every day
( ) use mascara every day
( ) use eyeliner every day
( ) use lipgloss every day
( ) use bodybutter every day
( ) use bodylotion every day
(x) use face-cleansing gel or other fluid every day
( ) use hair conditioner every day
( ) use hairspray every day
( ) work out regularly
( ) go to the hairdressers once a month
sum= 1

you have...
( ) tinted your hair
(x) coloured your hair
( ) lengthened your hair
( ) a piercing
( ) a tatoo
( ) holes in your ears for earrings
sum= 1
total sum: 7

0-10 the most natural girl
10-15 an artificial flower
15-20 a canarie bird in scandinavian environment
20- 25 a frozen strawberry
25-30 barbie doll. all is plastic

well, i wasn't surprised really, as i do not use very many beauty devices.. i do not think i need to either. i am training my mascara and the eye-shadow and i do like it. anyways, one shouldn't take any of those tests too seriously, and most of the time you'll probably know the outcome beforehands.
so. have a nice sunday evening!

Monday, 20 October 2008

autumn blues

today the sun is shining and i feel an urge to get outside of the house, tank some light, somehow. even though i have loads to do (such as tidying up my room or writing my essay) and fun stuff also (finish the butterick dress, shorten another dress, watch "middlemarch") i feel low, bored in some weird way. as if nothing really mattered. well, nothing apart from my family, and they are where i can't be right now.

boots: vintage (a bit small, will sell on ebay)
skirt: gina tricot
tights: h&m
t-shirt: jc
cardigan: h&m

i need to have my hair cut. do you have any suggestions as to which length or what form? because i don't have a clue and feel like i need advice. it should still be so long that i can do a braid. and i think i rather liek the side-parting. so. which options do i have?

Saturday, 18 October 2008

some more ebay, again

ok, i think tomorrow will be the last time i'll put something on ebay, at least for a while. here is what i uploaded tonight:

a fantastic pair of 70s pumps, size 39 (too big for me)

a quite lovely retro-top from h&m, size s / 36

and, as always, the best comes last, a vintage minidress in grey, with a fantastic pattern and the cutest red buttons and seams. it's so sad, but i'll have to let go as it obviously is (look at the picture!) far too small now. it'll fit a small 36 or a 34 i'd say. and don't ask me ever how i closed those buttons for the pictures. i do not want to remember. and no, no seams broke during the shot!

70s autumn girl

when i went groceries-shopping i looked very much autumn 70s inspired. wide dark green checkered pants, a dark brown scarf, my light brown leather jacket from mango (one of the most expensive and most beloved pieces i own) and my new boots. the bag is a "fake" 70sUp one, and i like it both for the pattern and for its size.

scarf: tassilo
pants: h&m
boots: ebay
jacket: mango
bag: well. from some cheap bag shop at the trainstation in hamburg altona.

i played a bit with the size of the picture. i do know it's blurry (parts of it supposed to be, others not) and the quality is not so good, but. it's bigger. what do you think? apart from me needing a new camera?

baking again

on friday i baked again, this time a swedish recipe called "kladdkaka". it is a chocolate-cake and i like it very much. but instead of my usual recipe i used the one that underbara clara posted some time ago. as she writes only in swedish i thought i'd translate it for you, as it is really very very good:

100g butter (melted)
3dl sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla-sugar
6 spoons of dark cacao
1,5 dl flour
juice of a half lime
some poppy seeds

blend everything carefully with a spoon or fork (whichever you prefer) except the poppy seeds. the dough is supposed to be fluffy and dark brown and really pasty. butter a pie-form and instead of breadcrumbs you spread poppy seeds into the buttered form. spread the dough inside the form, put some poppy seeds over it and bake everything for 20-25min at 175°.
after it has cooled down a bit you make it look a bit snowy by putting some powdered sugar over it.

the thing is that i never succeed in making the kladdkaka kladdig. it is supposed to be rather pasty inside when you take it out of the oven, and i never succeed with that. i guess i'll have to take it out earlier. still, right now it is very fluffy and very tasty.

Friday, 17 October 2008

selling selling

i have just put up a vintage dress and a skirt on ebay, and on sunday evening a wonderful pair of boots and a 70s vest will end. take a look, the links are under the pictures!

70s vintage boots in black with a white stripe on the side, size 37

70s vest in black and silver, size 36

beige a-line skirt by vero moda, size 38 - real nice with lace and buttons, but not my colour

the best at the end: a 60s vintage dress, perfect for autumn and winter, in green with a spotty/blurry pattern in gold, copper and silver. size 38/40

Thursday, 16 October 2008

stop staring

yesterday i had, for the first time, my brand new stop staring! - dress. 50s retro, and very lovely! i got it quite cheap on ebay, but had to spend some money on a tailor as it just wouldn't fit around the shoulders. it is still not perfect perfect, but i can wear it and am very happy with it.

dress: stop staring!
tights: c&a
cardigan: kenvelo
shoes: vintage (but a bit too large, so i'll sell them. anyone interested? they are a 39)

now, i do have a question: the dress is 100% cotton, but it says dry clean only. how large are the chances of distroying the dress if i
a) wash it in the most gentle program of my washing machine
b) hand wash it?
the thing is that i just can't afford to have it dry cleaned once a month. any other suggestions?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

wednesday lists. nr.1

this blog pretty much started out as a - very personal - blog about different forms of culture, such as movies, music, literature, theatre and travelling. it became more of a fashion blog and i feel like i lost a bit of what i originally wanted. it is not that i am unhappy with the blog, on the contrary, i like it very much as it is, but i would like to reintroduce the culture-aspect from the beginning of this blog.

now, i still see fashion as a huge part of the whole cultural sphere, so in a way it has always been a blog about culture, and i still had the one or other review about literature and theatre. to have these things on a more regular basis is what i aim for, and to get there i play the copy cat and borrow an idea from kelly and her blog "i'm nobody too". i will try to post a "wednesday list" (she calls it "look listen learn") including short thoughts about movies and books, music and plays or articles which i have "consumed" during the week before. it will be very personal, but i also do hope i can give some inspiration for others who maybe are looking for films or books that might be interesting for them. i hope you'll enjoy those posts!

here is the first list:

- Peter Pan: i have never before read the book (and apart from the movie "Finding Neverland" never seen any screen version either), and finally started reading it. i am halfway through now, and am fascinated and scared. not enchanted, as i have heard a lot of other people say, but mostly scared.
i am fascinated by the authors way of playing with words and pictures, with our imagination and also with his way of treating questions of gender and growing up. in the meantime the book scares me. at some points i had problems going on with the reading. i admit, i am easily scared, but this is different. it has to do with dreams, thus scratching on my own subconscious and i think i would never ever read this book to a young kid. i can't really understand how people can love tinkerbell because she is a fairy and be enchanted by her. i find her apalling, just as i find peter pan apalling. but still. it's a classic. and somehow i understand why.

- "A Room With A View": ever since i read about this movie i wanted to see it, and now finally i did. i do like it a lot, even though i have a feeling that the dialogue was at least partly done a second time in the studio, and even though some scenes ended rather suddenly. clearly one can see the 1980s influences to the lovely costumes and hairdos, and helena bonham carter is perfect as the rather confused growing up young english lady who stands somewhere between her own feelings, the quite relaxed countryside society (with a terrific country vicar who was a lot more my type than the male lead) and the really stiff and snobbish family of her fiancé. all ends well of course, and some scenes are just plain comic and fun - but best of all i like the key-scene. the one with the kiss. no, i won't tell more. go see it. it's a great costume drama.

skirt inspiration

here comes some more inspiration, this time for skirts...

this first one reminds me a lot of the black one i made this summer with this burdastyle pattern (which you can get for free here). i actually made the skirt a size too big (it fits ok, but not as it's supposed to), so i plan on making one more, this time in dark blue with white polka dots, white piping/trimming and a white bow such as on this skirt. now i'm very excited about this plan!!

this second is a skirt which has floated through the blogsphere a bit here and there, and now it shows up here as well. what i like is not the colour, but the pockets and the bows on them. this is a very simple idea to piff up an otherwise boring skirt!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

that's what i call big shoulders

a few weeks ago, i posted about two second hand/vintage finds that i made at fretex, but only showed you one of them. here, finally, is the other: my 40s dress.

i am, as i then said, not totally sure if it is really from the 40s or if it is retro from the 80s, but either way it's vintage. i am thinking about taking out the shoulder-pads as they really are enormous and i have not the smallest shoulders in the world myself, but in that case i would replace them with smaller wones. the smallest ones i can find, that is.

i still would like to know how old it exactly is, so i thought i'd post a picture of one of the buttons and a picture of the label. anyone any idea?

Monday, 13 October 2008

sailor sailor

today it had to be the sailor dress again... to match it, i had my refashioned black cardigan. it had lost two of its four boring black buttons anyway, so i decided to cut off the remaining two and sew on four vintage buttons with anchors on them. i like it so much better now!

dress: vintage
cardigan: kenvelo refashioned by me
tights: h&m
shoes: toru takeda


ranna from "only shallow" has found two pairs already, and Evis from "om stil" found one as well: i'm talking about twins. to be exact, clothes-twins. on saturday on the fleamarket, i found the sister to one of my dresses as well:

well, they are not twins exactly, but sisters. the younger one (to the right) is a new dress which i bought this summer from warehouse. it was on sale and i love it (even though i really need a petticoat for it) for its vintage feeling.

the "older sister" (to the left) i found at the fleamarket, i think it must be from the 80s, but it has a lovely 50s feeling around it. the print is almost the same, and also the shape. still, it's too big for me (i'm holding it together at the back on the picture), so i might sell it to someone who treats it well and fits into it. it must be a size 40/42, as i am a small 38 and it is at least a size bigger than me. if anyone is interested, i can measure it for you!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

make up

well, remember this post? on wednesday, i took the next step and put my little face into the hands of a professional. or, something like this. my friend andreea, who also writes the really smart blog "my beautyblog", offered to show me some tricks and to do my make-up.

it was a lot of fun, actually, and i'm not half as frightened in front of the make-up counters as i used to. she really helped me in deciding what i want, and what i don't want. of course we do not agree on everything, but that doesn't matter so much, as those things are minor points. she is a fighter for eco-friendly sustainable natural cosmetics, and as i do care a lot about what i put on my skin and into my face, i totally agree with her choices for me when it comes to brands.

andreea does promote, on every occasion, a natural cosmetics brand called dr.hauschka, and she convinced me as well as some other friends with very little efford. so, after a fun make-up session at her place, i took a heart and went to hamburg on a small shopping trip. the dr.hauschka stuff is cheaper than for example mac or nars or bobbi brown or all those other high end brands, but when you start from the beginning they can burn a hole into your pockets.

so, i only bought two things, but they are essentials: an eye-shadow palette (from their stone colours limited edition) and a concealer. the eye-shadow palette features four matte colours, off white, a soft grey, a brown-grey tone and anthracite, you can see it on the picture above. perfect for me. if my stuff on ebay sells well, i'll get powder and rouge as soon as the money is in, but until then i'll have to wait some more.

which make-up do you use? any more tips?


this is a really smart thing, being able to follow your favourite blogs in one page. so now i can be found there as well...

Follow my blog with bloglovin´


here come my latest finds from the thriftstore and the monthly fleamarket. i love going there, even though i never really find very much. which is probably good, both for my apartment and for my purse...

a fashion-illustration in a lovely golden frame - the illustration is from the 50s, and it shows english ladies on a beach around 1910. at least it says so.

a wooden frame for my aceo from carambatack and a little china-vase from the 50s.

finally, a sugar-bowl from the 50s as well. to the left there are two bowls for müsli or other breakfast cereal. i even thought i'd show you my Iittala maribowl: the colour is changing depending on the light. in natural sunlight it is some kind of fuchsia-purple, and in the evening with my lamps on it turns green. i love it so much!

Saturday, 11 October 2008


finally, my new boots arrived. from ebay. the perfect substitue for my old doc martens... they are a little high, not the heels, but they end directly at my knee. i guess they were made for taller girls than me, but i do like them anyway. they are dark brown, leather inside and out, and they are lace-ups for lazy girls, as they feature a zipper as well...

Friday, 10 October 2008

it's getting better

this whole week was not really very good, i felt rather low and, as jane austen would put it, out of spirits. today finally i felt better, and teaching didn't feel as horrible as tuesday and thursday. also, the sun was shining and i felt that biking through town and to uni did me good. of course, i forgot to get my jacket from the cleaners (i should have picked it up on wednesday already, but.. will do tomorrow), but i did find two nice bowls for breakfast at the local thrift store, a little vase and two picture frames. all together for 2 euroninos.
and tomorrow i'm off to the flea-market here, and maybe to hamburg in the afternoon.

the first two pieces of clothing on ebay have gone, some more end (vintage dresses, vintage boots!) end tomorrow and on monday. have a look!!

here is today's outfit: as i am rather small, and rather young and a student, teaching fellow students can get tricky, especially in new courses at the beginning of the semester. the weird and interesting thing is, that my students treat me very different depending on what they study. those doing economics and business seem to have greater problems adjusting to a teacher who is their own age than, for example, students who do cultural studies. so, instead of doing the jeans-and-cardigan-student-look, i go a bit more business-style. lila business-style that is.

blouse and skirt: h&m
cardigan: kenvelo
tube-top: vero moda
tights: lillyput
shoes: wedins
necklace (hidden by camera's not-working light management): etsy

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

to work

yesterday was the first day of work in this new semester. i was tired, had a headache and my bloodsugarlevel was not what it should have been. anyways, at least i had a nice outfit:

turtleneck, white knitted top and tights: h&m
skirt and jacket: thrifted
shoes: skopunkten
necklace: etsy

Monday, 6 October 2008

some more

i put some more stuff on ebay, and still have a little to go for the next days...
in case you are interested in anything, just contact me. i do ship almost to wherever and nowhere, so that shouldn't be a problem. klick on the links to get to the stuff on ebay!

a northern soul t-shirt which was never really me. i had to have it then anyways, and haven't used it during the last two years i'm sure. this is something in the way of band t-shirts. i don't wear them anymore, but i do think i'll keep one or two just in case i have kids some day who'd like to have things like that.

a gorgeous pair of vintage boots from the 70s or 80s. i would have loved to keep them, but they are a little too small for my feet. any girl with a 36/37 should get happy with them...

a fairytale pullover-top-kind of thing. there is a german designerbrand called "chapati", it's a bit their style i think. but it actually is a piece i bought on my holydays on gotland in sweden, at a small designer's shop, the brand was called "Branting". sadly enough i've outgrown it...

Sunday, 5 October 2008

ebay ebay

i finally got myself to put some stuff online on ebay. i do have a huge pack of stuff to get rid of and i do hope that especially the vintage clothes which do not fit me anymore (or which have hung in my wardrobe for ages without having been used) will find a new owner who will treat them with love and care... then, also, i could really use some more money - and who couldn't??

here are pictures of the dresses i put online - there is more to come during the next days. please contact me if you are interested but do not understand german (i usually put things online on german ebay), the links are to be found under the pictures...

a lovely lovely 60s-70s paisley dress, made of a wool-blend - so it's perfect for autumn and winter!! the only problem with this one is, that the lowest part of the zipper is broke. one could either leave the zipper as it is and just sew the fabric together over it, or have it changed, which should be quite cheap.

a cute ethno-style dress with long arms and pockets - even this one perfect for autumn and winter!!

a gorgeous late-summer dress (but even for now with a longarmed blouse underneath or a warm cardigan over it) from the 70s

and a little retro-shirt from the swedish brand cubus, with little red apples and dots in yellow blue and green.

by the way: as long as nobody has placed any bids, i am also willing to sell directly, so you might want to come with an offer =)

Friday, 3 October 2008

jeans... finally

i finally managed to shorten a pair of jeans which have been waiting for this for at least half a year. i kind of never could get myself to do it, i think it is so boooring shortening trousers. there is still another pair waiting.. other than that, i finally mended a pair of pants for my boyfriend, and shortened a pair of sports-trousers for myself as well.. now i feel real good!

so here is todays outfit, the jeans are usually a bit darker. i do know that the pictures are not really good, but my crappy camera does not like any lighting that does not at least correspond brightest daylight... so, i guess for wintertime you'll have to live with this, as i do hate using flashlight.

jeans: vero moda
cape-cardigan: h&m

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


i have been looking for inspiration lately, not so much (but even that) on what to wear, but rather on refashioning things or new accessories i might be able to make. i do want to buy a small book to carry with me, something in the way of an inspiriation-book, so that i can write down ideas i have and later, when i am bored, get back to it and see what i'd like to do. i didn't find any nice notebook in town today, so i'll write about some things here.

the first thing i'd like to do is a necklace in the way i saw at "all this happiness", being a pair of simple frames with a chain. this one is a miniature one, but i am thinking about getting a pair of cheap secondhand vintage full-size ones to have as a necklace. i think that might be fun to have!

the second thing i have had on my mind for some time is refashioning a shirt in the style of this one from topshop:

i had seen it in moscow this summer and found it way too expensive for a rather simple shirt, and as i do have some gingham ribbon in dark blue, i think i might be able to pull this one off as soon as i find a suitable shirt (sadly enough, the local thrift-stores do not offer much in the way of basic shirts, so i guess it'll be the famous swedish retailer with the two letters). i don't have enough basic shirts. i really don't.

alternatively, one can of course sew all kinds and sorts of other bows on simple shirts:

such as this one from urban outfitters

or this one with lace from asos

this third thing is a little scarfette. i bought suitable knitting needles today but couldn't find any nicely coloured wool, so this'll have to wait as well. here you can find a complete how-to.

the last idea i got is also for refashioning a shirt. i really can't remember on which blog i found it or which brand it is originally from, but i did so much like the idea of a sequined peter pan collar.. i do know that it will be a LOT of work, but i do guess it'll be worth it. and i think it might be something nice to do on a cold autumn evening...

you see... so much to do, so little time...