Sunday, 12 October 2008


here come my latest finds from the thriftstore and the monthly fleamarket. i love going there, even though i never really find very much. which is probably good, both for my apartment and for my purse...

a fashion-illustration in a lovely golden frame - the illustration is from the 50s, and it shows english ladies on a beach around 1910. at least it says so.

a wooden frame for my aceo from carambatack and a little china-vase from the 50s.

finally, a sugar-bowl from the 50s as well. to the left there are two bowls for müsli or other breakfast cereal. i even thought i'd show you my Iittala maribowl: the colour is changing depending on the light. in natural sunlight it is some kind of fuchsia-purple, and in the evening with my lamps on it turns green. i love it so much!

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