Friday, 10 October 2008

it's getting better

this whole week was not really very good, i felt rather low and, as jane austen would put it, out of spirits. today finally i felt better, and teaching didn't feel as horrible as tuesday and thursday. also, the sun was shining and i felt that biking through town and to uni did me good. of course, i forgot to get my jacket from the cleaners (i should have picked it up on wednesday already, but.. will do tomorrow), but i did find two nice bowls for breakfast at the local thrift store, a little vase and two picture frames. all together for 2 euroninos.
and tomorrow i'm off to the flea-market here, and maybe to hamburg in the afternoon.

the first two pieces of clothing on ebay have gone, some more end (vintage dresses, vintage boots!) end tomorrow and on monday. have a look!!

here is today's outfit: as i am rather small, and rather young and a student, teaching fellow students can get tricky, especially in new courses at the beginning of the semester. the weird and interesting thing is, that my students treat me very different depending on what they study. those doing economics and business seem to have greater problems adjusting to a teacher who is their own age than, for example, students who do cultural studies. so, instead of doing the jeans-and-cardigan-student-look, i go a bit more business-style. lila business-style that is.

blouse and skirt: h&m
cardigan: kenvelo
tube-top: vero moda
tights: lillyput
shoes: wedins
necklace (hidden by camera's not-working light management): etsy


Betty Lou said...

åh du borde ha ditt hår löst oftare!

fröken lila said...

@ betty lou: jag vet. men först máste jag klippa mig, háret är sá slitet...

Anonymous said...

Toller Rock :)