Wednesday, 15 October 2008

wednesday lists. nr.1

this blog pretty much started out as a - very personal - blog about different forms of culture, such as movies, music, literature, theatre and travelling. it became more of a fashion blog and i feel like i lost a bit of what i originally wanted. it is not that i am unhappy with the blog, on the contrary, i like it very much as it is, but i would like to reintroduce the culture-aspect from the beginning of this blog.

now, i still see fashion as a huge part of the whole cultural sphere, so in a way it has always been a blog about culture, and i still had the one or other review about literature and theatre. to have these things on a more regular basis is what i aim for, and to get there i play the copy cat and borrow an idea from kelly and her blog "i'm nobody too". i will try to post a "wednesday list" (she calls it "look listen learn") including short thoughts about movies and books, music and plays or articles which i have "consumed" during the week before. it will be very personal, but i also do hope i can give some inspiration for others who maybe are looking for films or books that might be interesting for them. i hope you'll enjoy those posts!

here is the first list:

- Peter Pan: i have never before read the book (and apart from the movie "Finding Neverland" never seen any screen version either), and finally started reading it. i am halfway through now, and am fascinated and scared. not enchanted, as i have heard a lot of other people say, but mostly scared.
i am fascinated by the authors way of playing with words and pictures, with our imagination and also with his way of treating questions of gender and growing up. in the meantime the book scares me. at some points i had problems going on with the reading. i admit, i am easily scared, but this is different. it has to do with dreams, thus scratching on my own subconscious and i think i would never ever read this book to a young kid. i can't really understand how people can love tinkerbell because she is a fairy and be enchanted by her. i find her apalling, just as i find peter pan apalling. but still. it's a classic. and somehow i understand why.

- "A Room With A View": ever since i read about this movie i wanted to see it, and now finally i did. i do like it a lot, even though i have a feeling that the dialogue was at least partly done a second time in the studio, and even though some scenes ended rather suddenly. clearly one can see the 1980s influences to the lovely costumes and hairdos, and helena bonham carter is perfect as the rather confused growing up young english lady who stands somewhere between her own feelings, the quite relaxed countryside society (with a terrific country vicar who was a lot more my type than the male lead) and the really stiff and snobbish family of her fiancé. all ends well of course, and some scenes are just plain comic and fun - but best of all i like the key-scene. the one with the kiss. no, i won't tell more. go see it. it's a great costume drama.

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Linnea said...

Nu har jag mätt klänningen. Skickade ett meddelande till dig på etsy. Var lite rastlös här hemma så åkte via butiken och hämtade upp lite klänningar.