Wednesday, 29 October 2008

shoe dreams

i have very strong cravings for those shoes right now. i do know that i need a pair of either ankle boots or at least rather closed pumps which i can have during the cold months now when i do not want to walk around in boots, and either of those two pairs would be perfect, especially as i thought i might train my walking on heels a bit more:

this pair i missed soooooo close on ebay (i stole the picture from the auction). they are by topshop and not to be had on their onlinestore anymore, and i didn't dare to lay too much money on them as i do not know how large or small a topshop 5 is in comparison to a "normal" european 38. the problem is, that sometimes i can have a 38 but sometimes it would be slightly too tight or too lose. usually i would ask the seller to measure the inner length of the shoe for me so that i can compare with my foot's length, but this time i forgot to do that in time. well. maybe another time.

this is a pair by buffalo. they do have exactly one pair left in my local goertz dealer, and this one pair is my size. online at goertz they are sold out already. plus, they are on sale (well, which means they are not overexpensive but just expensive). so i thought i'd gamble a bit. let's wait until next month's money arrives on my bankaccount (which should be on monday). if the shoes are still there, i will have to consider very seriously if they are worth it. if they are gone, well, they are gone. i will probably bite my knee but that's life. it's not like i couldn't find any other pair that i might like just the same.


Chan TheJunction said...

HEy just saw your profile on another blog and wanted to stop by.
Too sad, that you missed them, maybe next time :)


Evis said...

The topshop shoes are wonderful.