Saturday, 18 October 2008

some more ebay, again

ok, i think tomorrow will be the last time i'll put something on ebay, at least for a while. here is what i uploaded tonight:

a fantastic pair of 70s pumps, size 39 (too big for me)

a quite lovely retro-top from h&m, size s / 36

and, as always, the best comes last, a vintage minidress in grey, with a fantastic pattern and the cutest red buttons and seams. it's so sad, but i'll have to let go as it obviously is (look at the picture!) far too small now. it'll fit a small 36 or a 34 i'd say. and don't ask me ever how i closed those buttons for the pictures. i do not want to remember. and no, no seams broke during the shot!

1 comment:

Ida said...

Those shoes are great! Unfortunately too big for me, bummer.