Wednesday, 1 October 2008


i have been looking for inspiration lately, not so much (but even that) on what to wear, but rather on refashioning things or new accessories i might be able to make. i do want to buy a small book to carry with me, something in the way of an inspiriation-book, so that i can write down ideas i have and later, when i am bored, get back to it and see what i'd like to do. i didn't find any nice notebook in town today, so i'll write about some things here.

the first thing i'd like to do is a necklace in the way i saw at "all this happiness", being a pair of simple frames with a chain. this one is a miniature one, but i am thinking about getting a pair of cheap secondhand vintage full-size ones to have as a necklace. i think that might be fun to have!

the second thing i have had on my mind for some time is refashioning a shirt in the style of this one from topshop:

i had seen it in moscow this summer and found it way too expensive for a rather simple shirt, and as i do have some gingham ribbon in dark blue, i think i might be able to pull this one off as soon as i find a suitable shirt (sadly enough, the local thrift-stores do not offer much in the way of basic shirts, so i guess it'll be the famous swedish retailer with the two letters). i don't have enough basic shirts. i really don't.

alternatively, one can of course sew all kinds and sorts of other bows on simple shirts:

such as this one from urban outfitters

or this one with lace from asos

this third thing is a little scarfette. i bought suitable knitting needles today but couldn't find any nicely coloured wool, so this'll have to wait as well. here you can find a complete how-to.

the last idea i got is also for refashioning a shirt. i really can't remember on which blog i found it or which brand it is originally from, but i did so much like the idea of a sequined peter pan collar.. i do know that it will be a LOT of work, but i do guess it'll be worth it. and i think it might be something nice to do on a cold autumn evening...

you see... so much to do, so little time...


Cathy Voyage said...

Schöne Ideen! Das Shirt mit der Schleife vorne ist wirklich eine tolle Idee und es wert, sie zu verfolgen...

mallis said...

Många fina ideer där du.Hur går det med den filtade halsduken? har du gett upp. Hoppas inte det finns metoder att filta i tvättmaskin med ifall man inte vill köra för hand. Man använder gasväv eller sidenväv vet inte riktigt hur men det finns ju böcker att tillgå.

Har du gjort nåt kul i helgen?