Sunday, 26 October 2008

test test test

there hasn't been much posting from my side this week, partly because i was sick and had a fever, partly because my favourite person in the world was here and i was spending all my precious time with him.

even today there won't be much new from me, but i found this little test on various swedish blogs and thought it might be fun to translate it (and of course give you the necessary information about my humble self..):

you have....
(x) mascara for more than 10 eur
( ) this thing you flatten your hair with (please somebody tell me the correct english term?)
( ) a haircurler (if that is the correct term)
( ) designer perfume
( ) foundation for over 20 eur
(x) this thing to make your lashes look perfect (correct term, please??)
(x) several make-up-removing fluids
( ) special hair balsam in a spray-bottle
( ) lipgloss for over 10 eur
( ) deep conditioner for your hair
( ) bodybutter
(x) bodylotion
(x) perfume for more than 30 eur
sum = 5

you ...
( ) use hairstraightener/curler every day
( ) use foundation every day
( ) use mascara every day
( ) use eyeliner every day
( ) use lipgloss every day
( ) use bodybutter every day
( ) use bodylotion every day
(x) use face-cleansing gel or other fluid every day
( ) use hair conditioner every day
( ) use hairspray every day
( ) work out regularly
( ) go to the hairdressers once a month
sum= 1

you have...
( ) tinted your hair
(x) coloured your hair
( ) lengthened your hair
( ) a piercing
( ) a tatoo
( ) holes in your ears for earrings
sum= 1
total sum: 7

0-10 the most natural girl
10-15 an artificial flower
15-20 a canarie bird in scandinavian environment
20- 25 a frozen strawberry
25-30 barbie doll. all is plastic

well, i wasn't surprised really, as i do not use very many beauty devices.. i do not think i need to either. i am training my mascara and the eye-shadow and i do like it. anyways, one shouldn't take any of those tests too seriously, and most of the time you'll probably know the outcome beforehands.
so. have a nice sunday evening!


Vasiliisa said...

The thing you flatten your hair with is a straightening iron, or a flat iron.

The thing to make your lashes look perfect -- I think you mean eyelash curler?

I got a total of 5... Would be 6 but my piercing migrated, and I had to take it off. Maybe I'm a bit too natural, LOL!

ragazzatoccata said...

oh man, I have to do this test, but sorry, an hair iron is the worst thing ever, sorry, the same for the eyelash curler, two items, i really find not useful, and then there are these stories about ripping your eyelashes of while trying to curl them, because you leaned on the table and stuff like that..., no, cosmetics are to underline your natural beauty, not to falsify yourself!