Friday, 3 October 2008

jeans... finally

i finally managed to shorten a pair of jeans which have been waiting for this for at least half a year. i kind of never could get myself to do it, i think it is so boooring shortening trousers. there is still another pair waiting.. other than that, i finally mended a pair of pants for my boyfriend, and shortened a pair of sports-trousers for myself as well.. now i feel real good!

so here is todays outfit, the jeans are usually a bit darker. i do know that the pictures are not really good, but my crappy camera does not like any lighting that does not at least correspond brightest daylight... so, i guess for wintertime you'll have to live with this, as i do hate using flashlight.

jeans: vero moda
cape-cardigan: h&m


Andreas Öjerfors said...

Thanks for fixing the pants! =)

Anonymous said...

Schöne Kombination mit dem Cape :).

Cathy Voyage said...

Nice Cape! Ist das aus der aktuellen Kollektion?

fröken lila said...

@nadine: Vielen Dank!

@Cathy: Nein, da muss ich dich enttäuschen. Ich hab es im Mai im Schlussverkauf gefunden... es ist auf jeden Fall schön kuschelig!

nuvonova said...

This blog entry really made me laugh because my little sister gave me some jeans to shorten for her and I'm sure it has been about a year now... I don't think she needs them shortening now!
It IS the most boring thing.