Wednesday, 24 March 2010

a peak into my wardrobe

dotti wanted a peak into my wardrobe. most of it is still packed away in those boxes, but some of my clothes have already shown up again.

warm and cozy pullovers

some summer dresses

tights tights tights

woollen underwear. vintage from my grandmother's sports-boutique in the 60s.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

ariadne auf naxos

last wednesday we went to the opera, to see "ariadne auf naxos" by richard strauss. it was a mixed experience, since one of the two female leads was amazing while the other one was bland, and at times downright horrible in her performance (i really don't think that looking like you're about to throw up while singing was part of that role. not funny, even though it was supposed to be a comedy). sadly, the latter lady is part of the regular ensemble while the former only had a guest performance...

i wore this lace-dress for the first time:

the golden cocktailring is from a silversmith in lüneburg who closed a few years ago, the watch i inherited from my grandmother. i feel almost naked without it.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

jeans and a white shirt

yesterday morning before work. probably one of the simplest outfits in the world.

a white shirt (h&m trend)

a pair of slim, patchy jeans (h&m)

a pair of brown boots (vagabond)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

oslo to my heart

i usually don't take part in these give-aways where you're supposed to write a post on your blog about it and link to the original post. however, this one is so lovely and pretty and just plain desirable that i make an exception.

jenna from i say shotgun hosts a give-away courtesy by musmus with two necklaces made out of old maps from scandinavian cities, one with kopenhagen and one with oslo. having recently moved to oslo of course i would be extremely glad and happy to win the correspondent necklace - especially since it shows the place where i work, namely björvika bay where the new opera house was built! now, me winning this necklace would only be appropriate, don't you think?

Monday, 1 March 2010

glitter and dance

a week ago, a. and i celebrated. not only had i just finished off my first week at work, we also thought we'd take the opportunity and have something of a belated valentine's day. i was taken out to a lovely and very delicious early dinner, before we went to see a fantastic ballet show at the opera. which i thought was just the right occasion to finally wear the most glittery sequined dress i own:

(the picture was taken by my favourite person in the world after we came home.)

"Shoot the Moon" consists of four different modern choreographies by some great choreographers, and they are accompanied by enchanting music. the dance was quite abstract, but somehow came around to transfer an extreme amount of feeling and meaning at the same time. the first choreography felt clean, and maybe most abstract. the dancers seemed to build up relations with each other in different constellations which were not fixed but in constant flux, changing abruptly and coming back slightly differently.

the second one threw you right into the deep mysteries of the world. death. grief. blood. the production felt archaic, and deep with texture. i'm still quite shaken when thinking about it. costumes made of paper. just think. to add sound to your dancing in that way. amazing.

the third dance was a pas de deux which didn't impress me quite as much, even though technically seen it must have been great (i hope to gain more knowledge about these things during the upcoming months.. i feel kind of stupid, working for the opera and knowing so little about opera and ballet). however, the last choreography (called "Shoot the Moon", thus naming the whole show) made it all up to us. it dealt with couples, relationsships, emotions, everyday life, fights that you have, curiosity for other people's lives, how people express themselves. it felt important. it was different to anything i have ever seen before. i wish everyone could see it. i wish i could see it again.

(pictures from here)