Wednesday, 24 February 2010

defined shoulders

these pictures were taken when i was just about to head out for by:larm on saturday. thanks to my favourite person in the world for being my photographer!

i really like this dress with its geometrical shoulderpart and comfy light-grey sweater fabric.

turtleneck: primark
dress: zara
necklace: fröken söt
bangle/cuff: indiska

Saturday, 20 February 2010

what if gravity is just another trick of the mind

it's by:larm again. i worked again as a volunteer and got to see the concerts for free. however, after waiting for the metro for ten minutes with no sign whatsoever for it ever appearing, i decided to stay at home tonight (it's freezing cold and very snowstormy outside!). which feels a bit sad since i had wanted to go and see a wonderful band - actually, to see them once more, as i had already seen them yesterday. instead, i listen to their music on the sofa. and am very happy about having discovered them. lovely.

the tiny is magical and enchanting and strange and weird. you can download their albums on their online-shop for very little money, which is what i am just about to do.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

the perfect keepsake

last week i took a very spontanious trip back to lüneburg. the not so fun part included a visit at my dentists, the more fun part was meeting up with my friends. since i don't think i'll be coming back in the near future, i treated myself to what i consider the perfect lüneburg souvenir:

a silver ring made by a local artist, picturing the most significant and beautiful buildings of the town

picture one: St. Johannis, Altes Rathaus
picture two: St. Michaelis
picture three: Alter Kran, Wasserturm

Monday, 15 February 2010

about small apartments and space

well. something must have gone terribly wrong with the physics in my boyfriend's apartment when i moved in. suddenly all my stuff seems to double both in weight and in space. and the apartment seems to have shrunk to about half its size. i don't know. and the boxes just won't disappear.

first day

... at work.

yes, i found a job quite quickly here in oslo, and this is where it is:

the norwegian opera. a beautiful building, isn't it? i feel quite enchanted by it and very privileged to be working in it.

oh, and no. i have not suddenly become an opera singer. i just became a simple ticket seller. but, better than nothing and the job will serve me perfectly for the time being. it's not only a first step into the norwegian culture field, it is also well paid - and oslo is quite expensive. and then of course i'll get to see loads and loads of opera, concerts and ballet!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

my favourite...

i was tagged (original tag by weareyouneak) by nice and lovely svenja to tell you some of my favourite things - and since i never can decide on just one favourite, i'll give you three each (of course those count only for today, because, who knows, i might decide differently tomorrow):

Favourite Band/Artist: Bertine Zetlitz, Detektivbyrån, Johnny Cash

Favourite Movie: Dead Man (Jim Jarmusch), The Third Man (Carol Reed), Pride and Prejudice (BBC 1995)

Favourite Book: Truman Capote - Breakfast at Tiffany's, Astrid Lindgren - Ronja Rövardotter, Jane Austen - Persuasion

Favourite Designer/Label: Minimarket, Vagabond, second hand/vintage

Favourite Festival: By:larm, Bardentreffen, Berlinale

Favourite TV-Show: The Big Bang Theory, The Nanny, Gilmore Girls

Favourite Person/Icon: boyfriend, Astrid Lindgren, Mr.Darcy (the wet shirt!!!! sorry, i'm still a bit damaged from writing that thesis)

Favourite City/Country: Stockholm, Ireland, wherever the favourite person in the world (see firstnamed above) is located

Favourite Moment Ever: standing on the top of a mountain in norway after climbing it and looking over the fjord, sitting all alone in the cinema watching whichever film it was, everytime i meet my parents after not having seen them in a long time (favourite repeatable moment ever, one could say)

Favourite Video:

and i'll tag... oh, i don't know. how about mariamelie, marie (flohtruhe), and linnea (reggie and friends)?