Friday, 29 August 2008

about lipsticks and other colours

i finally made up my mind to buy some colour stuff for my face. i admit, i have, until now, never ever worn make-up. no lipstick, no mascara, no concealer, nothing. mostly because, well, my mother never uses make-up, so i never got used to it at home, and as a teenager, i never really was interested (it was, somehow, a way to distinguish me from all the other teenage-girls), and later on i had developed this "my face is a holy region, no colour is to get close" attitude. yes, and since maybe a year ago i have started to think that maybe it might be nice to be able to change my look by having some colour on my lips or some mascara on my lashes.

anyway, does any of you girls out there have a clue how strange it is to stand in front of, like, endless rows of different colour pots and stuff of which you 1. don't have a single clue how to use it and 2. don't have a single clue which one might or might not suit you - and your skin??

so, by reading a lot of interesting information on the internet, i kind of made up my mind what i more or less wanted. i'm still not totally sure, BUT: i got myself to buy a matte (not too much glittery stuff to begin with) lipstick in some halfway dark rosewood-colour. basically like my natural lipcolour, just a tiny bit darker and a little more towards brown-red-pink. kind of. i haven't brought myself to using it yet, but i will - next week when i am back in lüneburg and have my own bathroom and mirror. i promise to post pictures!

yes, that was the first step, and once taken, it actually wasn't too hard to move on. i knew that i really wanted to have a semi-matte bright red lipstick (kind of to match my red skirt), and some mascara. then, nice betty lou did a post about bésame, and i liked their concept and as they have a sale going on right now, i decided to give it a try and ordered their 1930s mascara, a bright red lipstick and a carmine (orange-red kind of colour) one as well. so now i am waiting for stuff to arrive. or rather, for me to arrive in lüneburg to be able to try stuff out. and guess what: even if i might not like the colours, i absolutely love their design...

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