Tuesday, 26 August 2008


today it was warm and sunny and my brand new sister in law, linda, came over, basically to do some washing but also to have a chat. so we sat on the porch and had a good time - she was drawing and writing while i took out my stuff for crafting jewellery.

i had had the idea of making a necklace for my mother, and finally even decided on what exactly to do, and as there was still time left, i even made a piece for linda. she picked the colours herself and was also allowed to decide about the length of the necklace..

here are the pieces:

the blue.crane-necklace for linda

and a garden-leaf-necklace for my mother, which she will get when she comes back from her vacation.


Andreas Öjerfors said...

These are pretty darn good looking. I like the origami one best, with the cool blue touch.

Anonymous said...

oh, origamipärlor!! det har jag inte sett förut!

utmaning finnes i min blog ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beide Ketten sind einfach wunderwunderschön!

fröken lila said...

thank you so much for your coments.. it's a lot of fun producing those things.. the crane was from the beginning a part of a h&m-bracelet which otherwise wasn't so pretty.. so i recykled it.