Friday, 8 August 2008

the weddingpresent

well, my brother is married now, and of course he and his lovely wife were supposed to get a weddingpresent from me and a. and of course, they came up with a quite extraordinary wish, a piece of pottery, to be exact, a pot to put the bread into, basically one like our mother has. so i went to the two local pottery-shops here (now we talk handmade pottery), and found such a pot. just, you know, the design wasn't really what i thought my brother and his wife were into.

but. of course, i came up with the brilliant idea to order such a pot and paint it myself. which was possible. so today, i had the top of the pot at home and painted it with blue (poisonous) colour.

i always kind of make things up when i go along, so i started with the nautic details, the ankor and fish and waves. i think it is really cool when you have a lot of small details to look at and things to discover.

the tree was a lot of fun to paint.

and also the cat and the sparrow and the mouse. when we were kids, my parents used to call me "maus" (mouse) and my brother "bär" (bear), and my youngest brother "spatz" (sparrow). i really couldn't do a bear, but then i thought the mouse and the sparrow and the cat (we always had a cat) might serve as memory for him..

anyway, now i have to take this really breakable and heavy thing back to the pottery to get it burnt. i also will have a lightblue glazing (if that's what you call it) added, so what i did today will be dark blue and the rest of the thing lightblue. kind of. i'll feature the result as soon as it's done.

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