Sunday, 10 August 2008

Leo and Anna (Tolstoj and Karenina)

in moscow, i went to buy some russian literature and ended up with tolstoj's "anna karenina" and nabokov's "lolita", which i think is only partly russian and partly french/english/american, as the writer did not write it in russia. on my "want-to read-russian-literature"-list i still got some dostojevskij and also "the master and margarita" by mikhail bulgakov, which i have already read a part of.

anyway, i started to read anna karenina and have already read more than halv of it. the book is easy to read, even though in the beginning it is difficult to remember the who is who. and it is thick. it is exciting, not too fast and not too slow, it features different points of view and it is about love. and family. and divorce. and life. and the upper gentry of 19th century russia. thus featuring kind of a russian parallel to jane austen or w.m. thackeray's "vanity fair", at least when it comes to descriptions of society. oh, i need to find out about film-versions.

this grey sunday-afternoon i think i might dedicate to some more reading.

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Anna Karenina said...

I love this book! I read it 3 times already and finally started a blog...

It is in German, but maybe you speak German for you work at Lüneburg?