Friday, 8 August 2008


now i have come back to lüneburg after some wonderful weeks of vacation. a and i first spent a few days in sweden, in his parents' summer house on an island in the lake vänern. it really is beautifully situated, with a view of the lake and some other islands and the far horizon out on the lake. there was a lot of wind and not too much sun, which was nice because we didn't suffer of mosquitoes, but then also we couldn't catch much of a tan. the best thing was that it was nice and quiet and we could read a lot and bath and use the sauna and barbecue and relax.

after this nice start, we continued to moscow to experience the biggest city we have seen so far. we visited just the right amount of sites, had nice food and just stared and watched things. russia and moscow are really fascinating. here come the first two pictures:

we took a boat trip on the river moskva, which took us along a lot of the major sites

this is me with the kremlin in the background. sadly, the weather was not so nice during the last three days.

from moscow, we directly headed to the south of germany, where my brother's wedding took place. i did wear my dress with much grace and success and we had a lot of fun at the celebration. more about this in a later post. with more pictures.

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HejRegn said...

Tack så mycket! visst är det du från sockerdricka? :)