Wednesday, 2 July 2008

the weddingdress

well. rather the dress i will be wearing at my brother's wedding. i had been searching for quite some time, and didn't really know what i actually wanted. a polka-dot-dress? a little black dress (i actually bought one at h&m's sale for just that purpose, but then - it's a wedding, not a funeral..)? something huge? today was my last attempt to find anything, and i really did. here is the result:

dress: mango
shoes: dinsko

the purple is a bit more towards the red than on the picture.
i do like that it is simple, and classy, and a bit 50s. and i just love the detail on the belt:

still, the way to the dress was rough. i had time and there weren't too many people out there shopping, as it was just after 10 in the morning, so mango wasn't chaotic yet. but then. the dress was only hanging there in sizes s and xs (which for normal people would probably be xs and xxs), so i did try it on in s.
which would have worked out fine, had not the zipper been broken. i don't have a clue how i managed to work myself into the dress, but it wasn't such a big problem. just, when i wanted to get out of it (and it sat really tight - so it would have been no food during the wedding..), i realized that the zipper went only halfway. i did try very hard. until i had to realize that i needed help and asked someone who was working there. they were really helpful, but it also was a bit embarassing. anyway, in the end, after about ten minutes, the zipper gave in and i could hop into my own clothes again.

and, all's well that end's well, they even had a size m hidden in the back somewhere, which fitted quite well (ok, i guess i will need a very good bra), so i bought it and am very pleased and contented with it.

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