Saturday, 5 July 2008

the lost metropolis

isn't it amazing? there is this movie, a masterpiece of german cinema, and over all the years it was to be seen only as a fragment. a quarter of the original version was supposed to be lost. forever. still, the film was taken care of and reconstrukted, always in hope to find the lost parts somehow somewhere. and the miracle actually happened!

a copy of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" turned up at the Museo del Cine in Buenos Aires. or rather, it didn't turn up, but somebody got suspicious about their copy being so extremely long. it was flewn in to germany and viewed by some people who really have to know, amongst them Rainer Rother, director of the german kinemathek, and they confirmed that it really is an original copy. so now, only about 5 min of the movie are actually missing!

it will be such a treat to see it, and i so hope to get the chance soon. and i can so imagine the uproar which probably is taking place amongst all the people at the german film archive where i did some work-experience two years ago. and, at cinegraph, a research center on german film history in hamburg. just imagine! i do so much hope that they will show it at their cinefest-filmfestival in autumn.

for more information, read this article in "Die Zeit", here even in english.

(the copyright of both pictures belong to the Friedrich- Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung)

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